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JAZZ CONCERT Marcel Pascual Quartet

JAZZ CONCERT Marcel Pascual Quartet

Marcel Pascual:

Born in 1985 in Barcelona and grow up in the near town Tiana where starts the musical studies at the Music School. In 2008 finish the bachelor of Percussion Education at ESMUC in Barcelona and in 2013 the bachelor of Vibraphone Jazz at ESMAE in Porto. He has had teachers like Ramon Torramilans, Grati Murcia, Miquel Bernat, Lorenzo Ferrandiz, George-Elie Octors, Arturo Serra, Jeffery Davis, Abe Rábade, Nuno Ferreira, among others and had lessons and advices from musicians like Dave Samuels, David Friedman, Peter Berstein and Jorge Rossy. He have been member of young orchestras like JONC and JONDE e collaborator of professional orchestras like Orquestra Sinfònica del Vallès and Orquestra Nacional Clàssica d’Andorra.

He has participated in diferents projects like percussion duo In Situ Duet, percussion quartet Octo, the salsa group Bloque 53, with with has recorded two albums, Eduard Iniesta Quintet, the jazz groups Zagorro, Ibertet and Gio Yáñez Zero Point Energy, with has recorded too and album. Nowadays he is envolved in his own projects like his own quartet with Mané Fernandes, Diogo Dinis and Nuno Oliveira, and sext adding up João Mortágua and Ricardo Formoso, with wich has released “Portanto”, his first album as a leader, Viborg Trío with Álex Salgueiro and Daniel Diaz, and Ekilatrio, latin jazz trio with David Marroquin and Carlos Ronda, projects where mainly plays his own music. He also has participated in several festivals. At the present time he teaches percussion and jazz at Conservatório da Jobra.

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