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There are those who like the small details, very closely. And those who like to see an immensity, from afar. There are those who prefer people, their looks, their smiles. And those who surrender to the landscapes. There are those who idealize and assemble perfect compositions. There are those who surrender to spontaneity. But everyone has in common the passion for photography and its sharing. Different people, with a common interest, in the same space, to discover a way how each one perceives it. EI join 'instagrammers' to explore Convento São Francisco de Real. Professional photographers and leisure photographers. Come on join us, bring your mobile phone / camera and share your experience!

Up to 30 participants, selected by order of application to the email: ei@encontrosdaimagem.com
With the following data:

- Name
- Address
- Phone Number
- Email

Partnership with: @marcoandremartins, @igersporto, Fujifilm and Máquinas de Outros Tempos

Institutional Partners

Braga UM DGArtes GovernoPortugal