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PROJECTIONS LensCulture + FLIP Photobook Award

PROJECTIONS LensCulture + FLIP Photobook Award

Within the establish partnerships between Encontros da Imagens and akin festivals/ organizations, this year we present a group of worldwide artists working on contemporary photography and its different strands.

Presentation of a selection of works of the winners of LensCulture 2017.

Flip Photobook Award
Probably the weirdest among photobook competitions, the FLIP Photobook Award focuses not on the photobook itself, but on the way of its presentation. With many photography books in fact becoming contemporary art objects, the purpose is to find the best examples of photobook videos, considering the accompanying video as a stand-alone genre emerging within the photobook culture. We would like to praise the creative minds who finalize their work not with just the book, but also with it's video presentation.
From the open call that took place between October and November the Festival got 47 inspiring videos.
From which, the jury defined a winner and 5 finalists.

Exhibition Spots:
Museu D.Diogo de Sousa | 16/09/17 at 8pm
Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem | 28/09/17 at 9:30pm
Casa dos Crivos | 06/10/17 at 10pm
Sé La Vi | 29/10/17 at 11pm

Institutional Partners

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