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PROJECTIONS Discovery Awards 2017

PROJECTIONS Discovery Awards 2017

Considering the good quality of the projects that were submitted for the Discovery Awards 2017, Encontros da Imagem board of directors decided to invite the projects that came in 21st place until the 50th place to take part on a collective vídeo projection. This projection will be exhibited in different public and private spaces during the 30 year celebration edition of the festival.

Featured artists:
Alexander Missen, Amélie Landry, Ana Santos, Cátia Cunha Pimentel, Fabian Albertini, Fábio Miguel Roque, Frederico Bustorff, Fuco Reyes, Gerard Boyer, Gloria Oyarzabal, HanShun Zhou, Jonas Feige & Yana Wernicke, Kristin Bethge, Liza Szabó, Maja Ingerslev, Martina Zaninelli, Niñorojo Project, Peter Spurgeon, Sarah Walzer, Sébastien Bulenger, Swasti Barthi, Tânia Araújo, Tjaša Kalkan, Vassilis Triantis, Weronika Perlowska, Yael Portables, Yoko Naito

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