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  • Environments

    Jon Gorospe · 16/09/17, 16h00

    Museu Nogueira da Silva

    It is part of the instinct of our species to move away and to bury the waste we produce. It is a foundational hygienic gesture: we push away from us what, in all likelihood, could sicken us. We sen...

  • Laking and Seaing

    Daniel Moreira e Rita Castro Neves · 16/09/17, 17h00

    Museu da Imagem

    Laking and Seaing is a meeting point between two artists-Daniel Moreira and Rita Castro Neves-which together reflect within and about, image and landscape. The invitation of the Finnish arts space ...

  • Mute

    Catarina Loura · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    Adorava cantar...

    At the first beginning I started to developed the technique and it took me a few years so that I could reach my goals. Throughout the whole process I felt embraced by emoti...

  • Nas Hortas

    Fernando Brito · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    With this new work, I continue the topographic map exploration in 454, bordered to the South by the Serra da Arrábida and Setúbal, to the North by route A2, to East by Palmela and to the West by th...

  • Post-Op: Four out of Seven

    João Mota da Costa · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    There is, at the end of each surgery, a moment of pause and serenity in the operating room when the surgical team and the patient have left the room and wait for the cleaning crew to come and prepa...

  • Clepsidra

    Tânia Cadima · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    A recalled image is something which is never finished. The material which it is made of is unstable, permeable, changes every minute. To recall an image that belongs to the past, to retrieve it, an...

  • Devagar

    Catarina Osório de Castro · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    Look quietly to things and discover how the sea foam is formed, how quickly it turns into water again, how does the sunlight reflect, what colour does it have?
    Tomorrow go try and find anothe...

  • Maré Baixa

    Nuno Andrade · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    On the south bank, near Lisbon, there is a forgotten beach, bathed by the river Tagus. For some, it is just a beach lost in time, to others is the place where they fight to live. Those who inhabi...

  • 123 90 948

    David Infante · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    The complicity and affinity between me and my camera is enormous. The camera is an extension of my body, it follows the rhythm of my thought almost as a supplementary limb.

    I have been sensing ...

  • “Os dias lentíssimos...sem ninguém”

    Rafael Malhado · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    After reading O Medo ( The Fear ) by Al Berto, urges the necessity of creating a body of work induced by the emotional universe of this poet.

    This was the starting point of a symbolic character...

  • Ossos

    Nuno Barroso · 17/09/17, 15h

    Monastery of Tibães

    Ossos is a study in which I explore the potential of a large format camera, conceiving each image as a project in itself. Starting from subject matters or places I already had a subjective interest...

  • Farm Security Administration

    Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Russell Lee, Ben Shahn, Jack Delano · 22/09/17, 21h30

    Mira Forum

    FSA was part of the several projects included in President Franklin Roosevelt's program to fight against the great depression of the 30's. Thanks to the work of a group of photographers, nowadays F...

  • Promise Land

    Lydia Panas · 16/09/17, 14h00

    Medieval Hall's Gallery

    For over a decade I invited families and individuals to pose for my camera, exploring the silent, unspoken aspects of relationships. I am most fascinated by human interaction, stemming from a deep ...

  • O Marketing

    Tiago Coelho · 16/09/17, 19h00

    Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

    Who walks through the streets of the major Brazilian cities certainly has already seen urban ads fixed in electric poles, trees and on the back of traffic signs, which arouse curiosity for the way ...

  • Isla

    José Carlos Duarte · 17/09/17, 15h00

    Monastery of Tibães

    There was a man who loved islands. He was born on one, but it didn't suit him, as there were too many other people on it, besides himself. He wanted an island all of his own: not necessarily to be ...

  • The Frontline Relies on You

    Franky Verdickt · 16/07/17, 19h00

    Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

    After the civil war which ended in 1949 there are two China’s, the People’s Republic of China * and the Republic of China better known as Taiwan*, both are locked in a complex military, political a...

  • The Ghetto Tarot

    Alice Smeets · 15/09/17,

    B-Lounge da Biblioteca Geral da U.Minho - Campus Azurém

    The Ghetto Tarot is a photographic interpretation of the tradicional tarot deck in the ghetto. The scenes are inspired by the Rider Waite Tarot deck (originally designed in 1990 by artist Pamela Co...

  • I've Never Been Big Sick

    Ulla Deventer · 15/09/17,

    B-Lounge da Biblioteca Geral da U.Minho - Campus Azurém

    Ulla Deventer’s oeuvre finds itself at the intersection of documentary photography and portraiture. Moreover, it clearly features a phantasmagoric sensibility. Deventer translates deeply personal s...

  • Reactions: An Inter-Religious Experiment

    Dafna Tal · 15/09/17, 18h00

    Estação Galeria EI

    The project “Reaction” is an experiment aiming to examine how people respond to the sounds of different religions. It was conducted in the heart of Jerusalem, where the three faiths are entwined in...

  • Live your Dream

    Eui-Jip Hwang · 15/09/17, 18h00

    Estação Galeria EI

    "Live Your Dream" explores South Korea's renewal of Korean identity remolded by the mass production of its rising popular culture. The modernization of the culture has emphasized one’s appearance a...

  • Le Point Aveugle

    Delphine Burtin · 15/09/17, 18h00

    Estação Galeria EI

    “Our reality is merely a controlled hallucination, reined in by our senses.” Anil Seth, cognitive and computational neuroscientist at the University of Sussex, UK

    In this series – a stud...

  • Ilê

    Anna Jounet Puig · 15/07/19, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    Some years ago this family decided to move to a house isolated in the mountains. Île walks along the world they have built for themselves, trying to understand its essence while taking distance fro...

  • Mala Noche

    Antoine D'Agata · 23/09/17, 17h00

    Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem

    The brutality of the shapes and the intensity of Antoine d'Agata's vision, attract the viewer into a different relality, which the author does believe to be essential. Wandering through nightlife, ...

  • Ver de Acción

    Antonio Guerra · 15/07/2017, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    “Ver de Acción” explores the limits between natural and cultural, creating an experience with landscape and space interaction. In order to do that, I use photography as a medium to create a veritab...

  • L'Inter Code

    Pablo-Martin Córdoba · 15/09/17, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    Strengthened by the soundtrack, this animation opposes images and texts in line with the ideas of Vilém Flusser: texts and images confront one another in the representation of the real world. This ...

  • A Alguns Passos como se Estivesse Muito Longe

    Alexandra Costa, Ana Guimarães, Nuno Vieira, Tiago Veloso · 29/09/17, 17h00

    Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão

    To surprise paths. Take them wanderring, through their own force. It matters little if they are more scattered here and there. Paths are formed in the imaginary and in waaiting, in stories and in d...

  • PKIN

    Jacek Fota · 15/09/17, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    PKiN is the abbreviation of the Polish name (Pałac Kultury i Nauki) for the Palace of Culture and Science in the country’s capital, Warsaw. This huge building containing in excess of 3200 rooms was...

  • Laura

    Tânia Dinis · 15/09/17, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    Laura is an essay film whose inception began from a project of research and collection of familial photographic archives. It departs from the exploration of the notion of images as bygone experien...

  • Daily Constructions

    Anja Bohnhof · 15/09/17, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    The globally established format of the daily soap is also extremely popular in India. The individual episodes of TV series that air daily with themes taken from everyday life and the world of relat...

  • Dark Tree

    Rea Papadopoulou · 15/09/17, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    Along the banks of Kifissos river of Athens, there was once a great Olive Grove. The siting of the heavy industry in the area during the 19th century, put an end to this immense garden that was ...

  • A Room of One's Own & Memory of a Vase

    Erica Nyholm · 15/09/17,

    Museu Alberto Sampaio

    Year 2009, I started to work on A Room of one's Own II in order to construct an image of what I was and what I am. I staged myself far away from the camera. I was alone in a light blue room, on ana...

  • Sayints

    Panos Kefalos · 13/09/17, 21h30

    Posto do Turismo de Barcelos

    Pre-adolescent kids, little children, immigrants frrom Afghanistan. I take their picture in a main square of Athens, on the streets, in hotels, in mosques, inside the houses they live. Play, the me...

  • Peripher

    Andreas Tchersich · 16/09/17, 15h00

    Edifício do Castelo

    The eponymous “Peripher” functions in my works as a structural, aesthetic and mental moment. It refers to places of transit and transition that defy unequivocal classification, standardization and ...

  • Ouka Leele na Coleção dos EI

    Ouka Leele · 15/09/17, 15h00

    Casa-Museu Soledade Malvar

    Ouka Leele doesn’t use photography in a classic way, her work is strongly influenced by painting and music. She paints with loud colors, creating a weird and fascinating harmony. Her scenes have a...

  • Garage Stills

    Jacquie Maria Wessels · 16/09/17, 15h00

    Edifício do Castelo

    For this ongoing project, Jacquie Maria Wessels visits auto repair garages around the world – including Cambodia, Cuba, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Russia – discovering diff...

  • Makeshift

    Pawel Starzec · 16/09/17, 15h00

    Edifício do Castelo

    History is a settlement within the community, regarding how this community remember the events that took place in the past. The trend towards the construction and relying on the structured history ...

  • Max Vadukul na Colecção dos EI

    Max Vadukull · 13/09/17, 21h00

    Teatro Gil Vicente

    Max Vadukul innovated fashion photography by creating fiction that releases an energy and humor that aren’t very common, through directing the models in an irreverent and eccentric way. He made the...

  • Till Death Do Us Part

    John Paul Evans · 16/09/17, 15h00

    Edifício do Castelo

    As an academic I have been critical of the way photography is used to reaffirm notions of belonging and otherness in relation to family portraiture. As a consequence, there is little photographic e...

  • Chen Bao Cheng na Coleção dos EI

    Chen Bao Cheng · 12/09/17, 15h00

    Casa-Museu Soledade Malvar

    Chen Bao Cheng, a photographic reporter born in 1939,who worked for the propaganda service during the cultural revolution and held photographic series in northern Shaanxi. He is one of the heirs o...

  • Future Rust, Future Dust

    Loïc Vendrame · 15/09/17, 15h00

    Edifício do Castelo

    This long term documentary project across several countries around the world aims to analyse the urban and architectural impact of the last world financial crisis and the burst of the real estate b...

  • Mountains of Uncertanty

    Roberto Fernández Ibánez · 15/09/17, 15h00

    Edifício do Castelo

    I always liked landscapes, both the natural and the imaginary ones. I walk in the first ones with my body, and with my mind in the latter. But there are mountains and valleys in which we go through...

  • "You Don't Look Native to Me"

    Maria Sturm · 15/09/17, 19h00

    Galeria da Estação

    “You Don‘t Look Native to Me” shows excerpts from the lives of young Native Americans from around Pembroke, Robeson County, North Carolina, where 89% of the city’s population identifies as Native A...

  • Fault Line

    João Tabarra, Nuno Ramalho · 17/09/17, 14h00

    Casa do Crivos

    Two spaces. One game. Each artist produces a work considering a previously determined exhibition space and a photographic image included in the collection of Encontros da Imagem.

    Bearing in m...

  • Fault Line

    Sérgio Leitão, Tiny Domingos, Leonor Costa, Mauro Ventura, · 17/09/17, 17h00

    Convento de São Francisco de Real

    Two spaces. One game. Each artist produces a work considering a previously determined exhibition space and a photographic image included in the collection of Encontros da Imagem.

    Bearing in m...

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