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Alexandra Costa, Ana Guimarães, Nuno Vieira, Tiago Veloso

"A Alguns Passos como se Estivesse Muito Longe"

A Alguns Passos como se Estivesse Muito Longe

To surprise paths. Take them wanderring, through their own force. It matters little if they are more scattered here and there. Paths are formed in the imaginary and in waaiting, in stories and in darrkness.
To move forward, move back, stay trappeed in their uses. Suddenly. Paths never complete, but rather replete with incidents and permanently suspended. Unclassifiable. Without Topos - Atopos. So why keep seaching in them for the whole of life?
To invent oneself along the path. To let go. The terror of the abyss. A few steps away as if very far.

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