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Chen Bao Cheng

"Chen Bao Cheng na Coleção dos EI"

Chen Bao Cheng na Coleção dos EI

Chen Bao Cheng, a photographic reporter born in 1939,who worked for the propaganda service during the cultural revolution and held photographic series in northern Shaanxi. He is one of the heirs of a difficult dialectic which is articulated between the pictorial tradition, full of ideology, and the freedom of the photographic object. His reports glorify the beauty of the region where he lived and he does not hesitate to do some research and make assemblies in the darkroom. Photography is not so much of a moment where the individual is kept, but where he is revealed. After the cultural revolution and the following events of Tian'an Men Square (1976), the photographic activity is reborn. The new photographers build a new photography concept in reaction to the older ones. They break with the past and with the pictorial tradition and pay more attention to all the offers from the fields of photography.

Karl Kugel, in Camera International, no. 16

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