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A recalled image is something which is never finished. The material which it is made of is unstable, permeable, changes every minute. To recall an image that belongs to the past, to retrieve it, and to bring it to the present moment, is a creative and dynamic exercise whose variables escape: it is like trying to pin it on a surface which is in constant motion. Clepsidra is a poetical essay that tries to report this process.
Here we depart towards the bottom of a photographic image file, an object which makes us believe that it is possible to keep intact images-memory. We immediately realise that the rigid chronological dimension that usually characterises these objects, when submerged, breaks apart. The images lose its time reference and the border between what was real and now invented, is diluted.

Pervaded in subjectivity, the role of imagination is essential here. Guided by an impetus, sometimes aesthetic, sometimes recreational, some of these images emerge: a proposal for an interpretation in which the viewer is invited to enter a maze, where the way out will be found in his/her own memory.

Monastery of Tibães

Rua do Mosteiro - Mire de Tibães

The Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, former Motherhouse of the English Benedictine Congregation, was acquired by the Portuguese State in 1986 and assigned to the Portuguese...

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