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Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Russell Lee, Ben Shahn, Jack Delano

"Farm Security Administration"

Farm Security Administration

FSA was part of the several projects included in President Franklin Roosevelt's program to fight against the great depression of the 30's. Thanks to the work of a group of photographers, nowadays FSA not only still recalls the years of crisis and optimism of the program "New Deal", but it has also been considered one of the most ambitious photography projects of a society. And, for many of us, the image we have of America in those difficult years is based on the works of the FSA photographers such as Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, which, under the guidance often authoritarian of Roy Stryker, worked with an ongoing concern to witness the problems of those times, giving them a historical view. This remarkable team of photographers, from which Russell Lee was part, who was hired in 1936 to replace Mydans, constituted the core of the "Historical Section" of the R.A., FSA’s new name. Over the seven years of existence of this group, its first elements kept leaving, with the exception of Lee. Evans left in 1937, Lange at the end of 1939, and Rothstein in 1940. Other photographers came to replace them, such as Marion Post Wolcott in late 1938, or Jack Delano in 1940. Working together or separately, the number of members of the historical section R.A. never exceeded twelve photographers. It must be noted that it was due to the work of this remarkable gathering of photographers that F.S.A. became so famous.

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