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Sérgio Leitão, Tiny Domingos, Leonor Costa, Mauro Ventura,

"Fault Line"

Fault Line

Two spaces. One game. Each artist produces a work considering a previously determined exhibition space and a photographic image included in the collection of Encontros da Imagem.

Bearing in mind this double requirement, a mere dialogue between works, artists and collection is not intended. The point, instead, is to open the game to unpredictability, without strategies of mediation between history and truth.

To imagine thought carrying its power.

No reconstruction of meaning or truth of the given image, but rather something reminding us of high seas crossed by multiple unforeseen actions.

To shatter, interrupt, defer. To question the complex social, technological, machinical, economic aspects of the work or, if we like, what makes it speak. Being played in the statements of the archive, difference shows us that “far from being the forgotten and recovered origin, [it] is this dispersion that we are and make”.

It is during the process of production, while the archive is being excavated, that the game is revealed and that each artist and each work are mutually implied.

Sérgio Leitão and Tiny Domingos exhbit at the Convent of São Francisco. With them, this text marks the opening game, which continues with the guest curators, Juan Luís Toboso and Rita Roque, through whom other names and other proposals arrive at the Convent, those of Leonor Costa and Mauro Ventura.

Two spaces, three curators, six artists. Twelve works, one game and some luck.

Curadora Eduarda Neves

Convento de São Francisco de Real

Convento de São Francisco de Real


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