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Daniel Moreira e Rita Castro Neves

"Laking and Seaing"

Laking and Seaing

Laking and Seaing is a meeting point between two artists-Daniel Moreira and Rita Castro Neves-which together reflect within and about, image and landscape. The invitation of the Finnish arts space called Oksasenkatu 11 to work together, was the motto to start a process of artistic collaboration between drawing and photography, and video and sound. This project's first exhibition was materialised in January 2016 at Oksasenkatu 11 in Helsinki, and culminates now in Museum of Image in 2017, in Braga.

In this exhibition, the images of the lakeside summer and the winter by the frozen sea in Finland, and also other locations of Portugal in counterpoint, are the motto to think about the landscape as a metaphor, on the assimilation of the idea of external landscape (or the expression of an idea of inner landscape?), from a transformative and transformed landscape. The two poles of the European geography, which are Portugal and Finland, trigger the creation of a new place through images, not hybrid but imagined, who knows even utopic.

The title of the exhibition is a word game which enables us to assimilate the landscapes-the idyllic sea and lake-with subjective perceptions, and to discovery a place which is built from various places. The promise of an aquatic and visceral fusionism of the enclosed lake and the expanded sea, also of the authors of the images, and also of the various means which were used to represent Portugal and Finland, already show that the negotiation of the spaces-in-between, doubters and abyssals, is the platform to think about the various representations of the images.

Laking and seaing are verb forms of verbs that didn't exist before, but now they do.

Place of Exhibition

Museu da Imagem

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