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Delphine Burtin

"Le Point Aveugle"

Le Point Aveugle

“Our reality is merely a controlled hallucination, reined in by our senses.” Anil Seth, cognitive and computational neuroscientist at the University of Sussex, UK

In this series – a study around the object, the geometry and the space – I try to make us loose our marks and question our relationship to the tangible.

I photographed simple geometrical objects with a technical camera. By thwarting the light, decomposing the space and the moment, I am creating visual chimeras where volumes and faces exist only in the final image. An invisible nature of the photographed subject is thus revealed by these new objects created. It allows our mind to get lost by recomposing another reality.

In my work I need to go beyond the creation of the image. The setting in space, the sculptural dimension as well as the experience of the viewer are an integral part of my process. In this project, I would like to enable the viewer to physically enter my pictures thanks to an installation that would be the continuation of my research on illusion. I propose an installation that navigates between illusion and reality, inviting the viewers to loose their marks and questioning what they are perceiving : reflections and indirect images, mirrors and decompositions, fragmentations and interpretations.

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