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Lydia Panas

"Promise Land"

Promise Land

For over a decade I invited families and individuals to pose for my camera, exploring the silent, unspoken aspects of relationships. I am most fascinated by human interaction, stemming from a deep desire to connect and be seen.

Successful portraiture is a blend of model and artist, sharing something essential about both. Throughout the process, I pay attention to my influence on the photographic encounter. Unforeseen tensions infuse the images where I least expect; revealing intimacy laced with desire and trepidation.

Over time, my photographs have become focused on women and girls. Using smears, stains, and spills as metaphor, the images from ‘Promise Land’ attempt to communicate the conflicted feelings of womanhood. They blur the boundaries of what society expects from us and the loss of childhood innocence.

Place of Exhibition

Medieval Hall's Gallery

More information soon.

Institutional Partners

Braga UM DGArtes GovernoPortugal