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Dafna Tal

"Reactions: An Inter-Religious Experiment"

Reactions: An Inter-Religious Experiment

The project “Reaction” is an experiment aiming to examine how people respond to the sounds of different religions. It was conducted in the heart of Jerusalem, where the three faiths are entwined in the everyday life of the city.

From a studio near Jerusalem’s Jaffa gate, city’s residents and visitors were asked to join the experiment. The participants were told that they would be filmed while listening to sounds, without knowing what these would be. They sat alone in a dark studio facing a camera prepared in advance. In this environment, they listened to sounds of traditional Muslim, Jewish and Christian prayers while they were recorded.

The outcome is a series of vertical “video portraits” of approximately three minutes each. No identifying information is given regarding the names, background or religion of the people filmed. The subjects may be Jews, Christians, Muslims or people of mixed faith.

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