2010 Edition

  • Syrie

    André Mérian

    The contemporary photography of landscape, in the heritage of Walker Evans and then of the conceptual, is passionate by the peripheral areas that are the peripheries of large metropolis and become the theater of contemporary urbanizations. Malls, parking lots, dormi...

  • Broken Strangers (Places)

    Tiago Nunes

    Broken Strangers (Places) is a series of portraits made at the streets of London and its surroundings. They are real portraits, since they belong to life flux, with no settings nor preparation, but also fictitious in the sense that they suggest a narrative following ...

  • Petit traité du paysage

    Various Artists

    The most prestigious exhibition of this program has for curator the director of Fonds National d’Art Comtemporain, Paris, France – Agnés de Gouvion Saint-Cyr. Photography was announced in the beginning of the nineteenth century, a time when landscape painting tend...

  • Finalistas Emergentes DST

    Various Artists

    As photography is a vast territory of experimentation and reflection on the living stream of images, the Prize Emergentes DST, means not only the recognition and promotion of photography as an art form, but also as an important stimulus to photo production. Sevent...

  • Landscape the Milena Principle

    Various Artists

    The collective work The Milena Principle (Geert Vermeire, Stefaan van Biesen / Belgium) pays a compliment to the landscape caused by mental spirit, through the use of the videos, soundscapes, photographs and performances. The lake and the cells of the monastery gain ...

  • Lugares de Afecção

    Emanuel Brás

    Trails of planes in the sky, roads, bridges, dams, geodesic marks, TV aerials, car lights, ...trash. Even at the highest and inhospitable spot on the planet, trash is a reality. Besides, this waste is a geographic reference on top of the world as reported by João Gar...

  • Désert aller retour. / 2002-2005

    Arièle Bonzon

    All I can see «en passant» evokes precisely the reverse of the feeling of fixed eternity emerging from the desert. Everything looks still, while everything is movement. Not even time finds itself again. Passage must be the only mode, such as the one of being in the w...

  • Casas Doentes

    Manuel Sendon

    This series is a collection questioning architecture in tension between villages and towns, accurately repeating an adjusted framework which forces our captive look to circulate within and to read all its details. The recurring motif of the net -dark green- and the ...

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