2012 Edition

  • Hear us marching up slowly

    Dorothée Smith

    There is no mystery; Dorothée Smith’s approach to the visible, at once luminarist and dark, is valid as an image of the uncertainty of sexual roles. Questions of gender, a current in philosophy over the last twenty years or more, occupy an important place in the inte...

  • City of Children

    Monika Merva

    When you walk through the gates of the Karloyi Istvan Gyermekkozpont in Fot, Hungary you are pleasantly surprised. Rows of dorm-like homes emerge from behind ancient trees. The land once belonged to the Count whom it is named after. It was seiged by the government an...

  • Forever Young

    Alfredo Cunha

    “Never-ending Story”, might have been an alternative title for this series. For over forty years of photography, I repeated these images with several generations of young people in various festivals and other places that became real locations of cult and liturgy, of...

  • Visual narratives: European borderlines

    Various Artists

    Project “Visual narratives: European borderlines” The project engaged 12 young photography artists in a documentary exploration of four countries representing geographical borders of Europe: Latvia, Turkey, Iceland, Portugal. The result is summarised in a joint ...

  • As long as we have each other

    David Fonseca

    “As Long As We Have Each Other” is a sequence of images that further than explaining the space and time context of each one, incarnate the pieces of a puzzle from the author’s inner narrative. These photographs, made between 2011 and 2012 in Portuguese territory, are...

  • NDT80

    Kameraphoto Collective

    A news report from mid-2011 revealed NDT80 as a gene related to cellular rejuvenation. In lab work, scientists found out that when NDT80 is activated - during the rejuvenation process – and when connected to aged cells it doubles their life expectancy – thus perpetua...

  • Facing Youth

    Various Artists

    The project “Facing Youth” aims at outlining a possible overview on European youth. But what do we discuss when we discuss youth? What does this concept mean? According to experts, and from age standpoint, it concerns the period from 12 to 20. However, in western so...

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