2013 Edition


  • RYSA and other stories

    Jakub Karwowski · 13/9/2013,

    Convento de São Francisco de Real

    This is a familly album of a photographer. A very traditional and popular subject, yet constructed in a more cunning way. In following chapters it deals with different aspects of personal realit...

  • She loves me, she loves me not

    Various Artists · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    She loves me, she loves me not This description of the exhibition “She loves me, she loves me not” is an attempt to outline some of the essential experiences of relationships, within the vast spe...

  • Do que nos lembramos quando nos lembramos de nós

    Duarte Amaral Netto · 13/9/2013,

    Museu Nogueira da Silva

    In 2006, Duarte Amaral Netto initiated the development of a family album by transferring instant film into Moleskine notebooks. With this work Amaral Netto aspires to reflect upon how family portra...

  • Anna & Eve

    Viktoria Sorochinski · 14/9/2013,

    Museu da Imagem

    Behind the elaborately staged scenes, Viktoria Sorochinski’s work reveals the concerns of a generation facing the crisis of a society undergoing serious transformation. The themes of exile and nost...

  • Lunch Time Affair – Chapter I (ten rooms for sex)

    João Mota da Costa · 13/9/2013,

    Galeria da Estação

    “Lunch Time Affair” works on love and sex relationships that occur mostly at lunch time in Motels, representing marginal and illicit relations that should take place in a time and place away from t...

  • The Family Project

    Matías Costa · 13/9/2013,

    Casa do Crivos

    The Family Project is a process rather than a project. It is a personal quest I decided to give the form of creative project to acquire the necessary distance and then to share it with others who d...

  • The Guilty

    Ji Hyun Kwon · 13/9/2013,

    Medieval Hall's Gallery

    Human beings are, by nature, social animals (Aristoteles). None could live alone out of family, friends, society and community. So we are a human beings, man should share and bear a social consciou...

  • Amalthée

    Georges Pacheco · 13/9/2013,

    Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão

    Amalthée The title of this work derives from the name of the goat that nursed infant Zeus, according to Greek mythology. It consisted of photographing mothers with distinct personalities and diver...

  • Tribos

    Lucia Herrero · 13/9/2013,

    B-Lounge da Biblioteca Geral da U.Minho - Campus Azurém

    “Tribes” is a social analysis, a raw portrait of occidental society. Groups of families and friends set themselves up by the sea equipped to spend a day in the sun. All this, harmoniously juxtapos...

  • Not In Your Face

    Susan Barnett · 13/9/2013,

    B-Lounge da Biblioteca Geral da U.Minho - Campus Azurém

    In the series “Not In Your Face” the t-shirt is starkly evident but these photographs are not about the t-shirt per se. They are about the stories of people who tell their own story. I look for ind...

  • Picturing Family

    Elina Brotherus · 13/09/2013,

    Convento de São Francisco de Real

    What is a Finnish family at this time? How's the family in general is defined as? Family perception has undergone great changes. The family- consept content is no longer just the two parents and t...

  • Urban Quilombo

    Sebastián Liste · 14 de Setembro,

    Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem

    Urban Quilombo is a testimony of a place that no longer exists. Between 2009 and 2011, Sebastian Liste documented the community of Barreto, an abandoned chocolate factory in Salvador de Bahia, Braz...

  • Shvilishvili

    Jana Romanova · 13/09/2013,

    Convento de São Francisco de Real

    “Shvilishvili” is Georgian for “grandchild”, literally it could be translated as “a child of a child”. In this very personal project, presented as a hand­made photography book­object, the author q...

  • The City of Brides

    Alena Zhandarova · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    From the tsar's time Ivanovo was the center of textile industry in Russia and a lot of young girls came there in pursuit of employment. The romantic time of factories came to the end, but the nativ...

  • Uma casa portuguesa com certeza

    Vários / Various · 13/9/2013,

    Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

    The project Uma Casa portuguesa com Certeza was especially designed for the Brazil Year in Portugal as a tribute to Portugal, from Brazilians and Portuguese. The challenge was to produce visual cor...

  • Viv(r)e la Vie !

    Ana Galán · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    Viv(r)e la vie! is a photography series “in process”, of couples in profile with a landscape of a countryside in the background, and pays homage to those people who celebrate life, who continue to ...

  • Resort 1

    Anna Fox · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    Resort 1 is a series of highly saturated colour photographs representing my vision of the contemporary face of Butlin’s, a very typically English holiday camp in Bognor Regis. Observing and recordi...

  • Sundays of Life

    Bela Doka · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    Bela Doka, in his series titled "Sundays of Life", charts a challenging path for himself. How do you photograph the quotidian moments that, while not dramatic, form the core of life’s pleasures an...

  • Waiting

    Jana Romanova · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    Young Russian couples, inhabitants of Saint­Petersburg and Moscow, are sleeping in their bedrooms early in the morning, the time when people don't really care about their appearance, being natural....

  • Intended Consequences; Rwandan Children Born of Rape

    Jonathan Torgovnik · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    Intended Consequences by Jonathan Torgovnik is a series of environmental portraits made in Rwanda of women that were brutally raped during the Rwandan genocide and the children they bore from their...

  • Casamento/Divórcio/Diversos

    Jorge Miguel Gonçalves · 13/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    The 'Marriage/Divorce/Various' project seeks to register the different occasional rooms in Identification and Civil Status Registry. Although these rooms lack visibility, they are quite peculiar, a...

  • Us Alone

    Laura Stevens · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    This series of portraits of young couples living together in Paris and London are a departure from the traditional image of the happy, loving couple within vernacular photography and instead addres...

  • Divorced

    Mireille Loup · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    By manipulating different media supports - video, photography and literature - Mireille Loup uses discursive and aesthetic forms which establish cross-communication. Mireille Loup's work invites t...

  • Picturing You, Picturing Me

    Emer Gillespie · 14/9/2013,

    Monastery of Tibães

    Picture You, Picture Me is a collaborative and explorative portrait project with my daughter Laoisha. Born in Galway Ireland in 2002, Laoisha has Downs Syndrome. As a consistent subject in my work,...

  • Behind the Courtain

    Iuna Vieira · 14/9/2913,

    Estação Galeria EI

    A relationship is often like a person: it has its own character, a certain way to move, a certain language, and a certain behavior. Every person does weird things while being alone and feeling unwa...

  • Contra o Esquecimento

    Various Artists · 27/11/2013,

    Teatro Gil Vicente

  • Álbum de Família

    Nelson D'Aires · 27/11/2013,

    Teatro Gil Vicente

    "Family Album" is a work born from the existence of a book entitled: "António Gonçalves Pedro Mora Photographer" with the seal of the Municipality of Mora, published in 2003, the result of a passio...

  • Melancholia

    Martim Ramos · 27/11/2013,

    Teatro Gil Vicente

    “… No, it is impossible; it is impossible to convey the life-sensation of any given epoch of one’s existence – that which makes its truth, its meaning – its subtle and penetrating essence. It is im...

  • Memory doesn't work

    Jordi Burch · 27/11/2013,

    Teatro Gil Vicente

    My memory, for not being rigorous, appeals to the imagination. Isn’t memory an invention? What makes it more special; being an invention or a bureaucratic file? In my case, memories work more over ...

  • Histórias da Índia

    Ana Janeiro · 27/11/2013,

    Teatro Gil Vicente

    My grandparents haven’t left many things during his long life, except the cultural richness that have sent to me and my cousins. They never believed in material possessions, but in the inner rich...

  • Quid pro quo

    Carla Cabanas · 27/11/2013,

    Teatro Gil Vicente

    The video begins with a black and white image that we soon realize to be the footage of a filmed photo. It is easily recognizable as a family photo, with all the implicit meaning, establishing a di...

  • Space and Relation Between

    Nita Vera · 14/19/2013,

    Museu Alberto Sampaio

    Space and Relation Between It all started when I saw the photographic series of my father I had several reasons for… (2009-2011) where he had captured his own parents, my grandparents. The way...

  • Roma Beyond Borders & Environmental Portraits

    Nigel Dickinson · 14/09/2013,

    Museu Alberto Sampaio

    Roma Beyond Borders Across Europe and the Americas 1993-2011 This exhibition presents Roma as a people whose history is not written within one country’s borders, it is on one hand about a cul...

  • Álbum de Família

    Nelson D'Aires · 05/10/2013, 16h00

    Mira Forum

    "Family Album" is a work born from the existence of a book entitled: "António Gonçalves Pedro Mora Photographer" with the seal of the Municipality of Mora, published in 2003, the result of a passio...

  • Revoluções

    Jaime Vasconcelos · 09-10-2013, 19h30

    Posto do Turismo de Barcelos

    In this exhibition, Jaime Vasconcelos presents a series of images resulting from his historical research about some of the revolutions that took place in the Western and Eastern world, since before...

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