Iuna Vieira

"Behind the Courtain"

Behind the Courtain

A relationship is often like a person: it has its own character, a certain way to move, a certain language, and a certain behavior. Every person does weird things while being alone and feeling unwatched. In relationships, it's the same. Couples bite each other's foot, they can’t shower alone even while being mad at each other, they pretend to be monkeys... You will never fully understand them, but you can knock on their window and ask them to open the curtain for you. The couples in these pictures are eighteen, nineteen or twenty years old, and they experience living together and being in long-term relationships for the first time. They are like kids; they don't wear a mask, they don't try to fit into certain categories or be like others expect them to be. There is no past and no future relationships to compare with yet, no perfect couples among their friends, no parents having a perfect marriage and being a role model to them. Therefore, they can live their relationship in their own way - no competition, nothing to compare with. I wonder what they would have invented if the kiss wasn't invented yet. They have soul-stripped in front of each other a long time ago. Together, they are as naked as one can be and they don’t have anything to hide. That's why they can open the curtain a little bit evendough an observer can influence the situation. They open the curtain because they have nothing to lose, nothing to pretend, and because they are my friends. I have always wanted what they have. Doing this project, I felt like a scientist trying to learn in field studies, while taking pictures, asking questions, and observing. This series represents my notes and what I could see: the stranger a relationship seems to an outsider, the deeper it is.

Iuna Vieira

Iuna Vieira was born in 1994, and grew up in Vienna, Austria. She attends Vienna’s School of Media - Department of Photography since 2008. Iuna studies various subjects connected to photography such as media-design, film, multimedia, marketing, technology of media, photo-book making and visual-history. After visiting "Lumix – Festival for Young Photojournalism" in 2010, she has been focusing on social documentary photography, and started working on long and short term projects. Since 2011, she has been organizing and implementing a book-project about Israeli and Palestinian youth within the Middle East conflict, which won various contests. Beside implementing projects and school work, she is doing internships, assisting at various jobs, and working as a photographer for NGOs and organizations. She also attended portfolio reviews, international photo festivals, exhibited her work in group exhibitions in Vienna, and went on several trips to South America, the Middle East, and Europe in order to implement her photographic projects.

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