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The 'Marriage/Divorce/Various' project seeks to register the different occasional rooms in Identification and Civil Status Registry. Although these rooms lack visibility, they are quite peculiar, as they represent various institutional spaces that aim towards different legal purposes, like marriage, divorce, scriptures, death certificates, birth certificates, etc. All these occasions are set apart by a distinct state of mind, a marriage and a death register will have neither the same symbolic meaning nor the same emotional charge. The space in which these occasions take place should meet the particularity of each one of them, in terms of architecture, symbolism, decoration, disposition, furnishing, and so on. In reality, these rooms aren't adapted to the occasions being held in them, they become generic, artificial and, at many times, awkward. Albeit having the same purpose, it is interesting to notice that each occasion can be distinct and unique, depending on the geographical region in which they occur. The shown photos of occasional rooms may induce the viewer into a superficial reading of the images. The addition of a text and the title 'Marriage/Divorce/Various’ make way for a deeper analysis of the subject. The duality and thickness in the images often plays with satire and the perception of space/occasion. In 'Marriage/Divorce/Various', the photograph intends to embrace and question the viewer.

Jorge Miguel Gonçalves

Jorge Miguel Gonçalves was born in 1985 in Lisbon, Portugal, where he lives and works. In 2011 completed the Post-Graduation in project and contemporary art at the Atelier of Lisboa, same year he was teacher of photography in EPAD Professional School of Arts, Sport and Technology in Lisbon. In 2012 he graduated in photography from the School of Technology of Tomar. It was one of the artists selected for Encontros da Imagem of Braga in 2011.

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