Duarte Amaral Netto

"Do que nos lembramos quando nos lembramos de nós"

Do que nos lembramos quando nos lembramos de nós

In 2006, Duarte Amaral Netto initiated the development of a family album by transferring instant film into Moleskine notebooks. With this work Amaral Netto aspires to reflect upon how family portrait can be treated these days, now that digital files took over film and paper. The concept of family album is definitely very blurred today. It may come up as any ordered and online organised book, yet the album we used to know, made out of specific files or any other handmade solution is disappearing, same as photo print. Moreover images pile up in hard disks, imperceptible and difficult to locate whenever necessary. Do que nos lembramos quando nos lembramos de nós, presented for the first time in 2010 at Baginski Galery in Lisboa, focuses on the role of vernacular images as memory builders, displaying magnifications of a small selection of the album pages. This exhibition presents a wider view, including both the albums and a small choice of instant photos. The project isn’t finished yet.

Duarte Amaral Netto

Duarte Amaral Netto was born in Portugal, 1976. He began his University career in Law and then he moved on to Cultural Communication, having graduated in 2003. This very year he had two individual exhibitions in Holand (MK Galery – Roterdam, and Nouvelles Images – Hague), and another one in Lisbon at Promontório Galery as part of the parallel circuit of LisboaPhoto. It was also in 2003 he was awarded the Grand Prix du 48ème Salon de Montrouge, in Paris. After having finished the Ar.Co Advanced Photography Course, in 2000, he started to work with Módulo – Centro Difusor de Arte, where he had individual exhibitions in the years 2002, 2005 and 2006. In 2005 he participates in the Photography Course of the Programa Criatividade e Criação Artística of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In this specialization course, under the coordination of Sérgio Mah, he had for teachers Stephen Shore, Thomas Demand, Patrick Faigenbaum, Joan Fontcuberta, Ute Eskildsen, Paul Wombell and Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler. Along with the other participants they created the group DOZE which, among other actions, developed the residence project Paisagem e Povoamento I (at Sines) and Paisagem e Povoamento II (at Montemor-o-Novo), pair working with Rodrigo Tavarela Peixoto. From collective exhibitions, may be highlighted: in 2004, On Side at Centro de Artes Visuais (Coimbra), and Casa de Luz, Fundación Foto Colectania (Barcelona); in 2005, Uma Extensão do Olhar, at Centro de Artes Visuais (Coimbra); in 2007, Homo Migratius, at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisboa); in 2009, Identity in Motion, at MK Galerie (Berlin); and in 2010, Impresiones y Comentarios – Fotografía Contemporánea Portuguesa, at Fundación Foto Colectania (Barcelona), and Do outro lado do Atlântico, at Centro de Artes Helio Oiticica (Rio de Janeiro). He is a teacher of the Photography Course at Instituto Politécnico de Tomar since 2003 and is represented by the Galery Baginski (Lisboa) where he had an exhibition in 2010. Do que nos lembramos quando nos lembramos de nós, was nominated for the BES PHOTO 2012 Prize.

Place of Exhibition

Museu Nogueira da Silva

More information soon.

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