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"Lunch Time Affair – Chapter I (ten rooms for sex)"

Lunch Time Affair – Chapter I (ten rooms for sex)

“Lunch Time Affair” works on love and sex relationships that occur mostly at lunch time in Motels, representing marginal and illicit relations that should take place in a time and place away from the eyes of the world. Relationships that by any mean should not be exposed to the knowledge of others, but reflecting the need of two (or more) people to share. Motels are usually located out of sight and with very discrete access, allowing anonymity of the couples and at the same time offering a sexy ambience were soft and color lights, round beds with mirrors all around, porno movies on the TV and some alcoholic drinks, play a role in the fantasy of these love affairs. At lunch time most people usually have one or two hours to get away from the family and the office; time that they can spend shopping or with a secret lover in a “lunch time affair”. We started photographing Motel rooms after couples had their love affair, photographing beds with revolved sheets and pillows, bathrooms with towels left all around and also any personal object left behind that could serve as a testimony of the kind of relationship that took place there, preserving all the mystery and secrecy around these relations, and exposing the signs of their existence as a testimony of strong love and sex interaction. This first chapter “ten rooms for sex” (same title of Katharine Bosse – 1998 exposition) represents the pictures taken in a particular Motel with ten rooms, all with a different decoration theme, that people can rent for a minimum of two hours to live their erotic fantasies. These pictures have the seduction of the room by itself and also the one left to our own imagination, of the short love stories lived there everyday. References: Alec Soth - Niagara JH Engström - Foreign Affair Katharine Bosse - Realms of Signs, Realms of Sense Kameraphoto (Valter Vinagre) - Um Diário da República Nadav Kander – Rest/Stay Nan Goldwin - Vakat Sophie Calle - L’Hotel

João Mota da Costa

João Mota da Costa was born in 1954. He is a specialist in reconstructive plastic surgery, and he specialised in surgery of the hand. He coordinates the wrist and hand surgery unit of Orthopaedics and Traumatology at Hospital CUF Descobertas. He started photographing at the age of 13. He taught himself photography and developed his photographic culture through exhibitions and books of great photography masters (special mention to, among others, Antoine D’Agata, Helmut Newton, JH Engstrom, Jeanloup Sieff, José Manuel Ballester, Jorge Molder, Miroslav Ticky, Paulo Nozolino, Raymond Meeks). From 1984 to 1993 he was awarded various photography prizes, he participated in many group exhibitions and he had his works included in several publications. Lately he decided to produce intense authorship work and decided to study photography from October 2010 at the Atelier de Lisboa, where he attended technical, theoretical and project courses under the supervision of the teachers Bruno Pelletier Sequeira, Bruno Santos, José Carlos Duarte, José Pedro Cortes and Paulo Catrica. In 2010 he had his first individual exhibition "abstrações" at the Galery Arthobler and latter at Novo Ciclo Acer Galery at Tondela. Em 2011 he won the 1st Prize of the contest “Como Vejo o Meu Hospital”, organized by Hospital CUF Descobertas, with the book “Com uma máquina fotográfica descartável escondida na bata”. In 2012 he participated in the first session of Portfolio Revision at the Photolab CDAP (Carpe Diem) and also at Encontros da Imagem, Braga 2012. He integrated the Final Exhibition of the Project Course: 4projectos #44semanas #88horas, from 16 to 29 March, 2013 at Museu da Cidade - Pavilhão Preto.

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