Elina Brotherus

"Picturing Family"

Picturing Family

What is a Finnish family at this time? How's the family in general is defined as? Family perception has undergone great changes. The family- consept content is no longer just the two parents and their children. The aim of this exhibition and project is to highlight out the diversity of the modern family and how the family consists of more emotional network of relations as biological kinship. The nuclear family, the two women formed a family, an immigrant family, blended families, childless family, etc. The exhibition presents nine Finnish families, who has opened the doors of their homes to the psychologists and phographer. The psychologists have conducted interviews with families of their lives and thoughts. Also children have had the possibility to express how they see, feel and define their families, how their family is born, how the family lives and expresses themselves. Then the photografer has shooted photos of the family in places the family has chosen themselves. It comes clear how there are as many perception of reality as there are family-members, and how the experience of reality of the family-concept is unique by each family-member. Unfortunately, the audio material of the interviews could not be included in this exhibition, but there is a multimedia work presenting some thoughts of the family-members and then there are the family portraits. In addition, visitors can write their own views of their ideal family on the bulletin board.

Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus, born 1972 in Helsinki, Finland, works in photography and video. Her early work dealt with personal yet universal experiences, the presence and absence of love. In her series The New Painting (2000-2005), Elina Brotherus probed the relation of photography to art history and found inspiration in the iconography of classical painting. In the following bodies of work, Model Studies (2002-2008) and Artist and her model (2005-2011), she continued to explore the human figure within a landscape, and the gaze of an artist on his/her model. She is currently working on two series, 12 ans après and Annonciation, where she returns to the autobiographical approach, although more distanced than in her youth. Elina Brotherus lives and works in Finland and in France. She has an MA degree in Photography from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (2000) and a MSc in Chemistry from the University of Helsinki (1997). She has had numerous solo and group shows since 1997, and has published four monographs, including, most recently, Artist and her model, by Le caillou bleu, Brussels in 2012.

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