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“Shvilishvili” is Georgian for “grandchild”, literally it could be translated as “a child of a child”. In this very personal project, presented as a hand­made photography book­object, the author questions the the value of family ties in modern society through the blood line that connects and separates her relatives who live both in Russia and Georgia. The family is divided between two countries, and the problems of it’s members on both sides of the border arise from the post­war political situation as well as the tragic story of a murder commited inside the family. In the first part of the project the representatives of artist’s family pose for group portraits to form a chain of images where each relative always appears in two photographs: the previous and the next. The chain of photographs starts in Georgia, goes though several villages and cities and ends in Russia, reconstructing the idea of the straight relative connection between people, despite of any political and geographical borders. The second part is a reconstruction of artist’s grandmother Keto life through the archive photographs that she sent to her relatives in Georgia while she lived in Russia. Keto used to be some kind of a “bridge” between the borders for the whole family until she was murdered in 1999. The archive part of the project uncovers the story of her death and it’s influence on the connection between relatives on the portraits of the first part.

Jana Romanova

Jana Romanova is a documentary photographer, based in Saint-Petersburg. She was born in 1984 in Russia, and got a degree in journalism from Saint-Petersburg State University. Her long-term documentary projects were selected for a number of international exhibitions (“New Saint-Petersburg” in Nieuw Dakota (the Netherlands), the Backlight Festival (Finland), Encuentros Abietros (Argentina), “Me, myself and I” (Austria), etc.) and got several prizes and honorable mentions in photography all over the world. In 2011 she became a teacher of documentary photography at the Faculty of Photojournalists in Saint-Petersburg and in 2012 started her personal photography course in “books as objects” iside the educational program of the FotoDepartament Foundation.

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