Bela Doka

"Sundays of Life"

Sundays of Life

Bela Doka, in his series titled "Sundays of Life", charts a challenging path for himself. How do you photograph the quotidian moments that, while not dramatic, form the core of life’s pleasures and satisfactions? The answer for him is found in a country house owned by the family of his girlfriend. The world that he reveals to us is one of sun-warmed lunch tables, cool afternoon river swims, lazy walks in pathless fields, and tasks that are met with no timetable in mind. If we view these pictures from a hurried, urban mindset, we see nothing. Literally. Nothing is happening. But if we shift our sensibilities – as I believe he is asking us to do along with him – then we see the timeless, daily activities that create a Zen of satisfaction. " Evan Mirapaul

Bela Doka

Bela Doka is a 44-year-old photographic artist. He lived 4 years in Cuba, then moved to France, currently based in Budapest, Hungary. Doka’ s socially sensitive focus of interest has long been on countries and phenomena in transition. His series of photographs shot in Cuba, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Burma all give visual reference and evidence of the atmosphere of ongoing transitions. In Russia he made a project titled Putin Fan Club. It is a series of portraits depicting students in the suburbs of Moscow. What is special in them is that they are all members of a fan club of some 1500 members with an average age of 18 years devoted to Putin. In the photo series Burmese Dreams he portrays Burma under the currently ruling military junta through the dreams of young people living in Burma in 2011/12. With the help of his camera we gain access to their homes, more precisely to their bedrooms, where he was able to capture their dreams at the dawn of the long ago desired changes. His latest series God is everywhere is a worldwide photo project about the often unnoticed but omnipresent Christian symbols in our everyday lives. His photos have been published in the most prestigious newspapers and magazines. New York Times, New Yorker, Newsweek, Miami Herald, Village Voice(USA) Le Monde, Paris Match, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Photo, VSD, Liberation, Max (France) Stern, Neon, Max, FAZ, Die Zeit, Focus, Der Spiegel, Brigitte(Germany) Grazia, Amica, IO Donna, Fox Uomo, Gioia (Italy) Independent,Telegraph, Newstateman (UK) GQ, Esquire, Foto&Video, Newsweek, Afisha Mir, Glamour, Marie Claire(Russia) Yo Donna, El Pais (Spain).

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