2014 Edition


  • "Tempo di viaggio"

    Cinema Nights · 03 de Outubro · 21h40 · Cineclube Aurélio da Paz dos Reis [Clarabóia - Agenda Cultural da Casa do Professor]
    De Andrei Tarkovsky e Tonino Guerra Itália, 1983 – 62’
  • WHERE IS MY MIND | Competition

    Misc · 14 de Março - 01 de Setembro
    The WHERE IS MY MIND project is designed especially for the XXIV edition of Encontros da Imagem placing the motto in FAITH & HOPE, which will be a tribute to the relationship of the community with this issue. The proposal is to produce visual narratives in the various versions of Faith and Hope.
    APPLICATION and RULES here: www.eimymind.com

    Misc · 17 de Outubro
    Daniel Blaufuks Portugal, 2002 - 57

    Misc · 18 de Setembro · 22h30 · Arquivo Janes
    Opening Party.
    Absolut Party.

    Misc · 19 de Setembro · 19h05 · Montra Sapataria Benamor – Avenida da Liberdade nº 758
    Arte Total | Performance

    Misc · 19 de Setembro · 23h00 · TOCA - Trabalho de uma Oficina Cultural e Associativa
    Through this action, the festival gets closer to the community and values the importance of photography in the construction of collective memory. Facing the challenge of critical reflection about the place of Faith and Hope in the national and international art and culture scene as well as proposing new approaches to their visual exploration, the Festival has presented for the first time an OPEN CALL for projects on the subject. The project presents photographers from around the world in a documentary exploration of contemporary photography. The result is a slide show which is a presentation of similarities and contrasts a visual narrative about the desires / anxieties of the human being. This project hopes to contribute to the strengthening of emerging projects and to establish the cooperation between participating organizations.

    List of Authors to the Projection Night!
    Agnieszka Rayss, Alexander Veledzimovich, Ambre Peyrotti, Cecilia Sauri, David Barnes, David Infante, David Barreiro, Dulce Pinzón, Erik Messori, Fabian Pio, Freya Najadi, Giulia Marchi, Gustavo Aleman, Jana Romanova, Jordi Pizarro, Juan Aballe, Karolina Jonderko, Klaus Lundi, Linda Dorigo, Magda Hueckel, Marc Wendelsky & Nicolas Clements - Isabelle Pateer, Michel Le Belhomme, Vitorio Mortarotti, Nikita Pirogov, Patricia Gouvêa, Paul O’leary, Piotr Zbierski, Rute Violante, Rute Moore, Samuel Lugassy, Sandra Calligaro, Sergio Carvalho, Sylvain Granjon, Scott Typaldos, Sharon Boothroyd, Thibaud Yevnine, Tiago Santana, Touko Hujanen, Valter Vinagre, Viktoria Sorochinsky, Wolfgang Müller


    Dedicated to young European photography, the Circulation(s) festival – organized by Fetart - has been offering a fresh perspective on Europe through photography. It aims to reveal the talents of young European photography and to bring together a network of European actors sharing Fetart’s ambition: helping young photographers to enter the professional world and to show the public an innovative contemporary art scene. The festival program is organized around the work of 22 artists (selected by a professional jury following an international call for application), the presence of an invited school (Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster (Ireland) as well as an invited gallery (Galerija Fotografija in jubljana (Slovenia) and Xavier CANONNE’s « carte blanche », sponsor of this year and director of the Museum of Photography in Charleroi (Belgium). There will be a total of 44 photographers introducing their work throughout exhibitions, installations and screenings.

    ABRAM Uros; ANTONY Todd; CALLIGARO Sandra; CHERNYSHOVA Elena; DAL MAS Aurore; DEAN Victoria; DINATO Martina; DZIENIS Prezmek; FERT Bruno; GATTI Massimiliano; GAUDRILLOT ROY Zacharie;GOURIOU Vincent; GRANJON Sylvain; HUDELOT Marie; HUECKEL Magda; JONDERKO Karolina; KANE Aisling; KAUPPI Andreas; LIEBAERT Pierre; LONGLY Katherine; LUGASSY Samuel; LUPI Luca; MCCULLOUGH Jan;; NYHOLM Erica ORLOWSKI Gabriel; PLASENCIA Ruben; PLAUCHUT Virginie; POLIAKOVA Marina; PUTPUT collective; ROCHEREAU Julie; ROUSSET Thomas; SCHACHER Delphine; SCHMITZ Ulrike; SEIFFERT Christianne: SPUTNIK; VAL Clement; VAN DER HAEGEN Zoé; VAN DER SLOOT Marlous; VOGRINČIČ ANDRAŽ Matej; WENDELSKI Marc


    Julia Margaret Cameron; Oscar Rejlander; Fred Holland Day; Faisal Abdu' Allah; Clive Allen; Samuel Arranda; Rotimi Fani Kayode; Max Kandola; Roshini Kempadoo; W. Eugene Smith

    Slideshows made by Aman Iman Team

    Michel le BELHOMME; Elena CHERNYSOVA; Antoine BRUY; Marie HUDELOT; Agnieszka RAYSS; Robert RENHUI ZHAO; Marlous VAN DER SLOOT; Kirill GOLOVCHENKO; Adam LACH; David FAVROD
    The works of the International Summer School of Photography 2014 participants, created in Latvia on 2-10 August 2014. Every year in August, ISSP is bringing over 70 emerging photographers from all over the world to a caste in a small village of Western Latvia, where they learn from world-class photography masters and from each other, taking part in six thematic masterclasses. Each student produces a body of work for a joint exhibition that opens during the last day of the school.
  • After party| Where is my mind

    Misc · 20 de Setembro · 24h00 · JUNO

    Misc · 20 de Setembro · 21h30 · Theatro Circo

    Misc · 25 de Outubro · 22h30 · TOCA
    Closing Party
  • Photography Workshop “From the Idea to the Project” — com Virgílio Ferreira

    Workshops · 3 e 4; 17 e 18 e 30 e 31 de Outubro · 10h00-18h00 · Casa dos Coimbras — Braga
  • Fé na Vida

    Misc · Todos os dias · After 19h · Centro da Cidade - Braga
    Occupation of the windows of traditional commerce in Braga. Idea by João Acciaiuoli

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