2014 Edition


  • Miracles & Co.

    Joan Fontcuberta · 19/09/2014, 15h

    Museu da Imagem

    Dotted by deep lakes and dense forests, Karelia is Finland most southern area and this situation has been the cause for frequent border litigations throughout history, first with the Tsarist empire...

  • Mary's Boy and Flowers in the Yard

    Stelios Kallinikou · 19/09/2014, 17.30h

    Casa do Crivos

    The images are stories (narratives) found in fragments, which do not specify a particular reading order. They begin and end, and develop in an almost reckless manner. Stelios Kallinikou uses photog...

  • Heritage

    Marie Hudelot · 18/09/2014, 22.30

    Janes Street - Street Exhibition

    I made this series with the desire to build a set of symbolic portraits inspired by my background of double cultures. I'm French with middle eastern origins. I worked by using the pictorial tradit...

  • Ex-Voto

    Lucília Monteiro · 20/09/2014, 14h

    Museu Alberto Sampaio

    The ex-voto project intends to, in a first instance, document a religious tradition that, over time, has been lost. The ex-voto integrates an ancient ritual, which expresses the weakness of men and...

  • S.A.P.E.

    Hector Mediavilla · 18/09/2014, 22h

    Faith Container #01

    The SAPE —The Society of “Atmosphere” Setters and Elegant People— is a curious and flamboyant movement, a veritable show, an art for some, a cult to appearance for others, where brilliant and impe...

  • Only in Burundi

    Anaïs Lopez Eva Smallegange · 18/09/2014, 22h

    Faith Container #01

    Only in Burundi’ is a collaboration between photographer Anaïs López and writer Eva Smallegange about the African country Burundi. Through photography and writing they show contemporary Burundi...

  • Philosophers

    Catrine Val · 18/09/2014, 22h

    House of Coimbras

    Visually building upon “in “Philosphers”, I examine the loss of connection to nature in our modern, technically driven world, in which nature has become a strange terrain. The longing for nature as...

  • I am Walé, Respect Me

    Patrick Willocq · 18/09/2014, 22h

    House of Coimbras

    I dove deeply here into an initiation ritual and aimed to create an artistic and documentary photography, very close to the daily experience of Ekonda pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ...

  • Holy Cows

    Toni Meneguzzo · 18/09/2014, 22h

    Faith Container #01

    Holy Cows, an anthropological research of the Hindu tradition to celebrate the harvest and the bovine sacredness - by Toni Meneguzzo When I first saw a decorated holy cow in Tamil Nadu, I fell ...

  • BANG!

    Augusto Brázio · 18/09/2014, 22.30h

    Arquivo Janes

    This is a work I have been developing for two years now. This is one chapter. It is the first one. It deals with fragments of fiction drawn from realities, on the outskirts of my dwellings, which...

  • Momentos e Máculas

    Diego Saldiva · 18/09/2014, 22.30h

    Arquivo Janes

    Besides being a shelter, a house is also a home, an emotional and intimate place, perfect for the individual, a private space and a well defined territory. Momentos e Máculas has its origins in a...

  • La Catedral del Don Quijote

    Susana Girón · 18/09/2014, 22.30h

    Arquivo Janes

    Mejorada del Campo (Madrid). 2010-2014. Justo Gallego, an eighty eight year old farmer, is building on his own a cathedral for fitty three years now, in a village near Madrid. More than 8,000 ...

  • A Room of One's Own II

    Erica Nyholm · 19/09/2014, 17h

    Museum Pio XII

    Year 2009, I started to work on A Room of One’s Own II in order to construct an image of what I was and what I am. I staged myself far away from the camera. I was alone in a light blue room, on an ...

  • saYints

    Panos Kefalos · 18/09/2014, 22.30h

    Arquivo Janes

    Pre-adolescent kids, little children, immigrants from Afghanistan. I take their picture in a main square of Athens, on the streets, in hotels, in mosques, inside the houses they live. Play, the ...

  • Belief

    Natan Dvir · 19/09/2014, 15.30h

    Medieval Hall's Gallery

    In this rapidly changing world in which career and financial successes are revered, perhaps even idolized, communities, as well as the concept of personal identities and how they are presented with...


    Boris Eldagsen · 19/09/2014, 16h

    Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Torre

    Boris Eldagsen’s photographs explore the limits of what can be depicted. They utilise the external reality, to paint the inner reality, that of the unconscious, archetypical and unspoken. Without e...

  • The Pictures of Emotions and Other Ailments of a Sensitive Human

    Joanna Chudy · 19/09/2014, 16h

    Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Torre

    is a kind of photographic glossary presenting human feelings, weaknesses and disabilities. Sleepiness, boredom and absence, loss of self-awareness and lack of identity are the typical afflictions s...

  • Les Maquis

    Antoine Bruy · 19/09/2014, 16h

    Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Torre

    From 2010 to 2013, I hitchhiked throughout Europe with the aim to meet men and women who made the radical choice to live away from cities, willing to abandon their lifestyle based on performance, e...

  • Vertigo

    Fabian Unternährer · 19/09/2014, 16h

    Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Torre

    With this series, I was trying to seek out the hidden beauty and the uncanny behind the banalism of the everyday life. So as simple and short as it is to say, banalities hide the exceptional and vi...

  • Index Lost

    Yanina Boldyreva Alexander Isaenko · 19/09/2014, 16h

    Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Torre

    The project is the album of photos by two authors – Yanina Boldyreva, Russia and Alexander Isaenko, Ukraine. This is the story of a certain place, being real and obscure at the same time. Also, i...

  • China Love Cutting

    Stephanie Borcard Nicolas Metraux · 19/09/2014, 23h


    “China – Love Cutting” is a series of images of Chinese hairdressers and the places where they live, a dialogue between public and the private sphere. The project was photographed in Chendgu, c...

  • Young Patriots

    Oriol Segon Torra · 19/09/2014, 23h


    The military summer camp in Mogyoród, Hungary, is a private project which each year sees the arrival of hundreds of children and teenagers between 10 and 15 years old. Some came attracted by the fa...

  • Poseer Para Non Esquecer

    Daniel Diaz Trigo · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    The title of the project which won the Prémio Galicia de Fotografía Contemporánea em 2013, referes to Daniel Díaz Trigo's work and provides some hints that help understand ihs field of work. The ...

  • Now and Then

    Alexandre Almeida · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    Now and Then is a curatorial work with Alexandra Sousa and Rui Prata, made from personal works. A kind of time puzzle that now gathers. Front to obviousness. Now and then it’s about faith and hop...

  • Verde Quente

    Luisa Ferreira · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    find rebuild believe trow put back restore dig reuse inhabit re-inhabit replant irrigate Part of the colective exhibition of the "Dear Sir" agency called...

  • Prophecies

    Mireille Loup · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    A bride smeared in blood and pierced by barbed wired, a drowned woman waving from the water, a child with inhuman eyes watching us from behind a window… Thus Prophecies encloses us. For the last ye...

  • Postais de Inverno

    José Bacelar · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    I'm an atheist. Who needs God when you belong to such a sublime species? We are capable of the best and the worst, from the more generous to the cruelest. We are able to see the world, the landsc...

  • Sous Le Sable

    Inês D'Orey · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    No description. Part of the colective exhibition of the "Dear Sir" agency called We Are All Made Of Scars.

  • Do Amor _ Clausura

    Valter Vinagre · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    About captive love. About the love that pervades us as soon as we born and about love that transcend us in death. About fragments that perpetuate us, without our control and will. Part of the c...

  • Metanoia

    Georges Pacheco · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    In Metanoia, in the privacy of his studio, Georges Pacheco, photographed different people (from Religious professionals to people who practice religion), praying or meditating. And captured the int...

  • Change your heart

    Jordi Burch · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    No description. Part of the colective exhibition of the "Dear Sir" agency called We Are All Made Of Scars.

  • Good Dog

    Yusuf Sevinçli · 27/09/2014, 16h

    Galeria da Boavista - CML

    Using intense black&white images and apolitically charged gaze, Yusuf Sevincli photographs everyday scenes in the city that fascinates him, Istanbul the city he is tied to flesh and blood. Each pho...

  • Espaço Ginjal

    Helena Gonçalves · 27/09/2014, 18.30

    Posto do Turismo de Barcelos

    The Sublime, as the Beauty, while aesthetics category, has been subject to countless definitions, depending on the times and circumstances. To talk about this “Espaço Ginjal” of Helena Gonçalves, I...

  • Casa das Sete Senhoras

    Tito Mouraz · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    "House of the Seven Ladies" It is still said around here that the house is haunted. At the house there lived seven ladies, all maiden sisters. One of them was a witch. On full moon nigh...

  • The Dwarf Empire

    Sanne de Wilde · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    In southern China, near Kunming -the city of eternal spring- exists a theme park that is home to 70 little people. The inhabitants present a song-and-dance show twice a day. This promised land was ...

  • Black Sea of Concrete

    Rafal Milach · 19/09/2014, 21.30h

    Museu Nogueira da Silva

    The surface is covered with cracks and rust-colored patches but it is still firmly set in the ground. The concrete is like a prick of conscience in the fable-like landscape of the Black Sea. It rem...

  • Origin of Emotions

    Monika Merva · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    Life is combined with hope and faith. To live is to hold both in your mind and heart, giving you the ability to keep on going forward even when you know death is the end of life. Making photograph...

  • Le Plateau

    Bertrand Meunier · 20/09/2014, 16h

    Monastery of Tibães

    It's all there, dressed up on parade for this major exercise of homogenizing, enabling easier tagging. Men and women who inhabit these images are singled out by the minimum friction, as well as the...

  • The Hub

    Roger Guaus · 19/09/2014, 16h

    Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Torre

    A hub is an interconnecting centre which, in the field of computer networks, means collision by definition. The Hub is an interpretation made from the collisions that come from my interest of co...

  • Blues

    Marcelo Costa · 27/09/2014, 19.30h

    Galeria Belo-Galsterer

    The portuguese artist Marcelo Costa (Pt, 1978) has been questioning, in his recent work, the role and the presence of the artist. He is coming closer and confronting with radical simplicity the cor...

  • Moments of Transition

    Mário Macilau · 27/09/2014, 19.30h

    Galeria Belo-Galsterer

    Every Sunday, most Mozambicans like to mix the new urban and traditional fashion trends dressing up in outstanding customized outfits. Revisiting the past to the period of postindependence, after 1...

  • Atenção Variável

    APPACDM Braga · 23/09/2014,

    Galeria da Estação

    Authors: Eurico Prata, Manuel Luís, Pedro Oliveira, Fernanda Flores, Nuno Miguel Gouveia, Conceição Marques, Eurico Prata, Manuel Luis Garcia, Luis Mário Duarte. In search for the unspeakable, ...

  • Moksha

    Marcelo Buainain · 27/09/2014, 17.30h

    A Pequena Galeria

    Moksha is a Sanskrit word that in Hindu belief means liberation from the cycle of rebirth - life and death. The Wikipedia dictionary defines it as the transcendence of the phenomenon of existence...

  • How To Fly

    Pedro Guimarães · 27/09/2014, 17h

    Plataforma Revolver

    'How to Fly' is a set of images produced for a manual of flight instructions. Referring to various forms of take-off, literal and metaphorical (if not to a simultaneous combinations of both), thi...

  • Being and Becoming

    Virgílio Ferreira · 20/09/2014, 15h

    House of Coimbras

    Becoming is a concept derived from philosophy which considers change in itself as process and a transition from one state to another. It refers to the transformation and changes in one's way of bei...

  • In Jesus' Name

    Christian Lutz · 18/09/2014, 23h


    For his series named In Jesus’ Name (2012) Christian Lutz spent one year within a Zurich-based evangelical community International Christian Fellowship, from 2011 to 2012. Celebrations and rock con...

  • Where is My Mind

    · 20 de Setembro, 24h00

    Casa-Museu Soledade Malvar

    The WHERE IS MY MIND project is designed especially for the XXIV edition of Encontros da Imagem placing the motto in FAITH & HOPE, which will be a tribute to the relationship of the community with ...

  • Para Jablonsky, uma cidade

    Colectivo Descolectivo · 19/09/2014, 17h

    Museum Pio XII

    Photography is the connection between past and present: it is often the means we use to recall old experiences, prior to our own existence. Thus, the test "Para Jablonsky, uma cidade" appropriate...

  • HOLY REVIEWER - Martyrs, Saints and Sinners of Contemporary Photography

    Thaís Medina · 18/09/2014,

    House of Coimbras

    After having experienced several portfolio reviews, I began to read into what, for me, is an association between reviewers and saints, developing a concept based on my perception of the reviewing p...

  • Coração Sertão

    Gentil Barreira · 19 de Setembro, 17h00

    Museum Pio XII

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