Erica Nyholm

"A Room of One's Own II"

A Room of One's Own II

Year 2009, I started to work on A Room of One’s Own II in order to construct an image of what I was and what I am. I staged myself far away from the camera. I was alone in a light blue room, on an island sundown behind me. I chose locations, which had an emotional appeal to me: my childhood home, a hotel where I woke up as a married woman, lake that has shared my family´s summer memories for a century. As I observed these isolated self-portraits I was missing my family. I realized that the self (no matter how lonely) is always in a relation to the other, time, space and yet in my opinion to the memories. The more I contemplated the memories the more I wanted to left myself behind the camera. The scenery in front of my camera began to represent a stage of a memory. I painted a wall into petrol blue. I asked my seven-years-old cousin to settle next to the table where I placed the broken vase. I photographed A Memory of a Vase. A moment, which partly made me to be me. I was the young girl who broke her mother´s vase.

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