"Atenção Variável"

Atenção Variável

Authors: Eurico Prata, Manuel Luís, Pedro Oliveira, Fernanda Flores, Nuno Miguel Gouveia, Conceição Marques, Eurico Prata, Manuel Luis Garcia, Luis Mário Duarte. In search for the unspeakable, distracted from purposes, in this work we may find the reflection of the ill adapted and unaware act of saying. “As I travel in another direction, driven by my wandering thoughts, I move away and unveil what is unclear in this purpose, and all the rest remains, except what you summoned me for, since I am constantly travelling. As a comforting direction my eyes insist on landing..." The history of the city is many times mixed up with the one of its bishops, and it blends with the religious architecture which emerged from this Roman city, thus emphasizing its eminently religious characteristics. The idea is to capture in images the materialization of faith/hope, in a city that can be defined by its Catholicism and that displays several symbols, spaces and places, which emanate spirituality as it is, draped by the ones who were born and grown here.


The authors are students from the Braga APPACDM Photography project - Gualtar CAO: Luís Mário Duarte, Fernanda Flores, Nuno Miguel Gouveia, Conceição Marques, Eurico Prata, Henrique Tinoco, Manuel Luís Garcia and Pedro Oliveira. Biography Braga APPACDM is a non-profit association for the support of mental disability. Its first goal is to foster the visibility and skills recognition in persons with intellectual handicaps. It also aims at stimulating experimental activity as a means to personal and social development, besides participating in activities which coordinate developed competencies and mobilized skills, under the different targets defined in their Individual Development Plans. It deals essentially with fostering the creation of a culture of respect towards the citizen bearing intellectual disabilities.

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