Augusto Brázio



This is a work I have been developing for two years now. This is one chapter. It is the first one. It deals with fragments of fiction drawn from realities, on the outskirts of my dwellings, which I challenge myself persistently to map.

Augusto Brázio

Augusto Brázio was born in Brinches, Serpa municipality, 1964. He studied at Lisbon Superior Fine Arts School. His career as a photographer started in the beginnings of the nineties, in press, where he signed several documentary works, as well as in the theatre. In the last years he focused on personal projects where he reflects upon immigration issues, belonging, and territory occupation. His personal works are represented in diverse public and private collections. He is part of the collective of photographers Kameraphoto.

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"Arquivo Janes" will be launched with the opening of Encontros da Imagem 2014. It's a multifunctional and dynamic open-space that can host co-working, culture, fashion and...

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