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The portuguese artist Marcelo Costa (Pt, 1978) has been questioning, in his recent work, the role and the presence of the artist. He is coming closer and confronting with radical simplicity the core questions of the artistic action: the value and the power of an image, the action as a form and the form as content and also the concepts of series and unique. The aspects that characterize the exhibition of 2013 in Belo-Galsterer gallery ("A Questão do Verde Primário" - The Question of Primary Green) are the artist's will to reach a ground zero, through nihilism. This attitude has transpired into his work, giving this exhibition the feeling of 'index', where colour and texture take the main role. In this project, 'Blue' the artist presents a series of cyanotypes - it is his most recent work. Here the 'index' is expanded, but keeping the focus on the effect/presence of colour (in this case, blue) as the main charachter of an 'unwritten novel' or a novel that can only be 'written' this way, in the form of 'index'. Cyanotype: photographic process invented in 1842, in which are used iron salts in replacement of the more commonly used silver salts. The main feature of this technique is the production of a monochromatic image in grades of cyan blue.

Marcelo Costa

Marcelo Costa was born in Coimbra (1978). He lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. He studied Drawing and Painting in Ar.Co - Centre of Arts and Visual Communication in Lisbon, where he is currently responsible for several departments, such as Cinema/Moving picture, Drawing and Painting. His work priviledges the arts of drawing and painting and seeks roots in the old and the new means of expression. A personal vision that combines means and techniques confirms the contemporaneity of his work. He has made important exhibitions in Carmona e Costa Foundation (2011) and in João Esteves de Oliveira Gallery (2010). In 2005, he was awarded the 2nd prize in Rothschild for Painting Award, in Palácio Galveiras, Lisbon. In 2000 for the Competition Desenho Celpa - Vieira da Silva, Fundação Arpad Szenes/Vieira da Silva, Lisbon. In 2001 for the 56th Salon de Montrouge, France. He has been in collective exhibitions that took place in Austria, France, Angola, Italy, and more. His work is represented in the collection of Carmona e Costa, in Lisbon, in the Cachola Elvas Collection, in Ar.Co collection, Lisbon, and in Dietrich Mateschitz, in Salzbourgh.

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