Stephanie Borcard Nicolas Metraux

"China Love Cutting"

China Love Cutting

“China – Love Cutting” is a series of images of Chinese hairdressers and the places where they live, a dialogue between public and the private sphere. The project was photographed in Chendgu, capital of Sichuan province, far form Beijing and Shanghai. This rapidly-expanding economic centre in western China has around 14 million inhabitants, most of whom originally come from the countryside. Each portrait shows a young hairdresser who moved to Chengdu in search of new employment opportunities. Jobs that offer accommodation are particularly prized by the new arrivals. If an employer offers a room or a bed in their own home, it is often shared with other members of staff. These young workers can spend many years living like this before being able to afford their own homes.

Stephanie Borcard Nicolas Metraux

Stephanie Borcard and Nicolas Metraux are two Swiss photographers based in Bangkok. They specialize in portraiture and documentary photography. They work on personal projects, influenced by their travels and by other forms of expression such as books, paintings and movies. Human interactions are at the heart of what they do: it shapes their process as well as the content of their photographs. Their recent series, “China – Love Cutting”, “A Bosnian Spring” and “Studentenverbindungen” all focus on young adults and their relationship to society.
Their work has been published in different Swiss media and has won numerous international awards. They are contributors of Parallelo Zero Photo Agency, Anadolu Agency and Getty images.


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