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The ex-voto project intends to, in a first instance, document a religious tradition that, over time, has been lost. The ex-voto integrates an ancient ritual, which expresses the weakness of men and the omnipresence of God, echoing the sacrifice, the delivery of a piece of oneself as payment of the consideration of the divinity. This act of faith is materialized in different ways that traditionally would be body parts in wood or wax but quickly expanded to other expressions as clothing, objects of people, monuments, photographs and paintings. In the work presented here, the choice focused on the wax and photographic ex-voto, both symbolic representatives of reproducibility through the negative or mold that allows their multiplication. Thus, the study was based on a practical questioning of the relationship between the human and the divine through the body represented and deepened the role of photography as a mediator, not only in the believer's relation to the representation of his body - his place - but also the relationship between the object - the representation - and the divine. It aims to develop a reflection on the contemporary body, the body of the ‘Self’ and its simulations by questioning the need that Man has always demonstrated to represent himself, both in art and in religion.

Lucília Monteiro

Born in 1966 in Santa Cruz (Madeira Island). Lives and works in Porto. In 1988 she enrolled in the Graduate Course of Photography at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto and right after she started her career as a photojournalist. Among several experiences in renowned Portuguese newspapers and magazines (O Liberal, Sábado, Expresso and Visão), the following stories stand out: the war in Bosnia (1995), the ethnic minorities in China (1998), the coup in Venezuela and the war in Angola (2001). Over the years and beyond photojournalism, she has participated with art projects in exhibitions: Shadows of Porto (Casa do Infante, Porto, 1989), Feet (Galeria de Vila Nova de Cerveira, 1999), The Myth of the Plato’s Cave (Galeria Artes em Partes, Porto), Tibet (Fnac, Galeria do Clube dos Jornalistas, Casa da Cultura de Santa Cruz, 1999) and Light (Galeria das Salgadeiras, 2013). Among her participations in collective exhibitions the most recent highlight is A2V A Duas Velocidades ( Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas, 2013) resulting from an artistic residency. In 2004 she was recognized with the Press Award Trophy Beatriz Ferreira by Casa de Imprensa. Currently, Lucília Monteiro is a photojournalist at the Visão magazine. Represented by Galeria das Salgadeiras since 2013.

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