Pedro Guimarães

"How To Fly"

How To Fly

'How to Fly' is a set of images produced for a manual of flight instructions. Referring to various forms of take-off, literal and metaphorical (if not to a simultaneous combinations of both), this manual was never authorized by modern flight academies. The reason, as rumours spread in the toilets of airfields and flight academies around this country, is the basis of the aerodynamic laws according to theories of blurred fields of metaphysics and even juvenile fantasy. Truth be told, this was perhaps the reason why this same manual had predicted several chapters devoted to the study of violent crash on the ground, where among other advantages, therapeutic practices to improve flight performance would be addressed.

Pedro Guimarães

Pedro Guimarães was born in 1977, Braga, Portugal. He is a visual artist whose only work tool is photography. His activity is divided between content production for various editorial agents and institutions and the production of authorship series of photographs. His personal work, although based on documentation of the apparent reality according to the most conservative photographic tradition, totally rejects the eminently documentary nature of photography, claiming for himself a fundamentally fictional and fantastical territory whose foundations are based on the surreal subjectivity emanating from sheer attentive observation of things and places. He is a regular contributor of publications such as the New York Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Monocle, Die Zeit and El País.

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