Christian Lutz

"In Jesus' Name"

In Jesus' Name

For his series named In Jesus’ Name (2012) Christian Lutz spent one year within a Zurich-based evangelical community International Christian Fellowship, from 2011 to 2012. Celebrations and rock concerts, summer camps, baptizing ceremonies, he photographed all the events he was invited to attend to. However, a Zurich Court of Justice banned the book immediately upon its release in November 2012 because twenty-one people appearing in the volume filed complaints towards the photographer and his publisher, in order to protect their image; those complaints were carefully orchestrated by the Church’s managers. The book was pulled from distribution. If the book does not circulate today, the prohibited photographs are for the time shown with the stigma of sanction, with scars and struck through by the content of complaints, just as plaintiffs' lawyer wrote them. In Jesus' Name was the last of the trilogy on Power, Christian Lutz had begun ten years before and had already resulted in two books, Protokoll (2007) on political power, and Tropical Gift (2010) on economic power.

Christian Lutz

Born in Geneva in 1973, Christian Lutz studied photography at the Ecole supérieure des Arts et de l’Image, ”The 75”, in Brussels (Belgium). Winner of numerous awards, his work has been exhibited worldwide and frequently published. Initially following the tradition of documentary photography, his approach will soon stand out for taking a certain distance to reality and adopting a cinematographic style on his environment. Christian Lutz collaborates with the agency VU’ in Paris.


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