Yanina Boldyreva Alexander Isaenko

"Index Lost"

Index Lost

The project is the album of photos by two authors – Yanina Boldyreva, Russia and Alexander Isaenko, Ukraine. This is the story of a certain place, being real and obscure at the same time. Also, it quotes the texts of anonymous network users. Detached and defocused view, empty and faded landscapes, being filled with the presence of people of no specific features, don’t expressing themselves, as if they are plunged into lethargy, makes the world of strangers writing to nowhere, forgotten, failed to find their destinations. It is a story of emotions and thoughts.

Yanina Boldyreva Alexander Isaenko

Yanina Boldyreva was born at 1986 in Novosibirsk, Russia Between 2003-2009, Yanina graduated from Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts (NSAAFA) to mural-artist. Since 2007 works as a photographer and digital artist. Since 2009 she is a performer of mural painting, producer and member of the art-group LUDISTEN (wall`s men). Since 2011 she makes art-projects with Ukrainian artist Alexander Isaenko. Alexander Isaenko was born in 1976 in Izmail, USSR. Ukrainian artist who works with various media, including photography, video, text. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

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