Susana Girón

"La Catedral del Don Quijote"

La Catedral del Don Quijote

Mejorada del Campo (Madrid). 2010-2014. Justo Gallego, an eighty eight year old farmer, is building on his own a cathedral for fitty three years now, in a village near Madrid. More than 8,000 m2, 25 domes, 40 meters high.... No plans or official aid, using basic tools and having no knowledge of architecture at all, he works passionately every day with the ideal of building a temple to Jesus Christ. Beyond this extraordinary fact and completely transcending any religious connotation, one question emerges: which are the limits of the human being when he finds the power of faith, understood as the quality of firmly believing that the impossible may occur. Using a mystical language, I try to document the overflowing passion of an extraordinary man in his apparent fragility. In photographs light unveils his simplicity and strength, the portrait of a humble man who, immersed in his faith is defying all laws regarding logic or imagination. Anything can happen if our determination to achieve it is strong enough. What about you? Do you have faith?

Susana Girón

Susana Girón was born in 1975, Huéscar, Granada, Spain. She studied Photography and Visual Arts at Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, and is a founding member of the collective BLUEPHOTO. She makes committed documentary and reporting author photography, which aims at giving visibility to quotidian, vindicating with her look the importance of anonymous stories. She was published in media such as El País, GEO, CNN, Le Figaro, Polka, Terra Mater or Days Japan. Among her recent exhibitions are Legados held in Tucumán in Bienal Argentina Documental de 2012, and Fe, Pasión y Destino, the International Award winning project of Fototraballo 2011 (Foundación Caixa Galicia , La Coruña). She has also received three Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards (2012/13), she was a finalist in 2012 Sony WPO Awards and the winner of Premio Nacional de Periodismo Doñana 2013.

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