Alexandre Almeida

"Now and Then"

Now and Then

Now and Then is a curatorial work with Alexandra Sousa and Rui Prata, made from personal works. A kind of time puzzle that now gathers. Front to obviousness. Now and then it’s about faith and hope. About the now of faith and the ideation of hope. It’s a view about a situation gather in an imaginary map. Faith and hope cross like paths of different latitudes that, in spite they don’t coexist in time, they occupy a same space. Part of the colective exhibition of the "Dear Sir" agency called We Are All Made Of Scars.

Alexandre Almeida

Alexandre Almeida, Lisbon, 1969. Studied photography at the Academia de Artes & Tecnologias and Post-Production Video on Restart. Since 1994 untill 2004 worked in the journal “O Independente”, having, in the last years, published the supplements for culture and leisure. Simultaneously developed several freelance work and he stills doing it until today. Published in several national and international publications: L'Express, Libération, The Guardian, Courrier Internacional, Grande Reportagem, Visão, Única e Público. In the recent years his work has been mostly documental. Alexandre’s work can be seen in solo and group exhibitions, including the ones that are Kameraphoto projects, which he is a founding member. From the projects stand out “State of Affairs” and “Um Diário da República”.

Monastery of Tibães

Rua do Mosteiro - Mire de Tibães

The Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, former Motherhouse of the English Benedictine Congregation, was acquired by the Portuguese State in 1986 and assigned to the Portuguese...

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