Colectivo Descolectivo

"Para Jablonsky, uma cidade"

Para Jablonsky, uma cidade

Photography is the connection between past and present: it is often the means we use to recall old experiences, prior to our own existence. Thus, the test "Para Jablonsky, uma cidade" appropriates photographs of Fortaleza from the fifties and the seventies, in order to connect past and present through artistic intervention. It establishes a relationship between these periods using phrases that make up a projection of what the city would become. The test consists of eight public domain photographs from Tibor Jablonsky, with ballpoint ink interventions from Descoletivo.

Colectivo Descolectivo

Descoletivo is a group of photographers that includes Marilia Oliveira, Beto Skeff and Régis Amora. It carries out mainly urban interventions and itinerant exhibitions in Fortaleza. It exists as a collective for the creation, experimentation and fostering of activities that may promote the photographers dialogue with one another as well as with other artistic languages. Currently, it develops the project Ensaios para Demolição, occupying demolition sites in the city with photo exhibitions and performing events.

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