Catrine Val



Visually building upon “in “Philosphers”, I examine the loss of connection to nature in our modern, technically driven world, in which nature has become a strange terrain. The longing for nature as a fixed reference point and the wishful thinking of a romantic , harmonious and intact worldview in which man and nature are in harmony , is facing an ever-faster speeding clock in our fully mechanized age. By referring, to the external visual similarities of historical and current philosophers and the characteristics of their work. As a contemporary interpretation of traditional philosophic thinking, „Philosophers“ takes advantage of the of the iconographic approach of the current media disourse and exposes the effects of individualism and technicality on the positioning of the modern man within his natural environment.

House of Coimbras

Largo de Santa Cruz 506 Braga, Portugal

House of Coimbras is a national monument, located in the historical centre of Braga. Although there is some uncertainty regarding the exact date of its construction, it is...

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