Joanna Chudy

"The Pictures of Emotions and Other Ailments of a Sensitive Human"

The Pictures of Emotions and Other Ailments of a Sensitive Human

is a kind of photographic glossary presenting human feelings, weaknesses and disabilities. Sleepiness, boredom and absence, loss of self-awareness and lack of identity are the typical afflictions suffered by the protagonist of this photographic series. Therefore, "the pictures of emotions...", as the title has it, are a complex issue which not only regards depicting and classifying emotions but also makes an attempt to capture something that does not exist, something singular both as a photo and as a representation of our culture. So, one of the fundamental problems of modern humans is anomie, which can be defined as a disease depriving them of the ability to experience joy and satisfaction. The image of "a sensitive individual" is a reflection devoid of emotions, an image of a human being who is left with just her physicality, its weight being apparently so significantly severe that it forces the individual to submit to the pressure. The lying female bodies cease to express any feelings. Even when the image might convey some emotional state, this is entirely prevented by the way of framing or some object concealing the figure. "The problematic quality of depicting emotions" concerns a young woman. Youth and its energy seem to contrast strongly with the state of anomie. And this is exactly a combination offering a true depiction of the human being and her moods.

Joanna Chudy

Joanna Chudy is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (2002) and the Photography Department at the National Film School in Lodz where, she received a degree in creative photography (2009). In 2009 she started postgraduate studies in photography at the Department of Graphic Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She has participated in many group photographic exhibitions in venues such as Lodz, Warsaw, Berlin, Toulousa. She was a finalist of the ShowOff contest, part of the Photomonth in Kraków 2010, and won the Grand Prix at the 6th Warsaw Festival of Art Photography 2010. She works and lives in Poland.

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