2014 Edition

The Festival

Encontros da Imagem - International Photography Festival

Encontros da Imagem, International Photography born in 1987 from an old association linked to the practices of photography and amateur film. Since then, and throughout the twenty-five editions, the idea of the Festival took shape, resetting itself progressively to adapt to the aesthetic and formal development of creative photography which is the central subject of the event.

Throughout a month and a half, the work of about 200 authors from around the world can be followed; they will be scattered over a network of cultural institutions and also in spaces occupied and reinvented by the Festival.

Via a broad core of exhibitions, the Festival embodies a wide range of narratives documenting mainly the theme of each edition. With Braga as origin and main centre, it presents a set of activities which foster contemporary photography through an exhibition nucleus that is enlarged in this issue in Porto and Lisbon.

The program also includes activities addressed to the public in general such as projections and the photography contests, developed with the use of information technologies and social networks with the intention of stimulating and democratizing image.

In the past editions, the Festival recovers the concept of public art galleries, by installing maritime containers ["Faith Containers"] in the main Braga squares, seeking to demonstrate the aesthetic importance of image in society as part of individual and collective memory.

Loyal to the concept of stimulating new audiences to the practice of Photography and to its new boundary territories, the schedule includes projection nights ("Hope Night Projections") in order to publicize the selection of Open Call finalist authors and also a niche market of author books ("Photo Book Market") in order to celebrate photography books and encourage author editions.

The Organization of Encontros da Imagem is proud to organize the “International Photography Award Emergentes Dst.”, acknowledged as one of the most prestigious in the area, in the national scene. The prize is awarded through a critical review of portfolios, directed by national and foreign experts, who have contributed to instruct and inform a growing audience about the plurality of practices admitted in contemporary photography.

An offer of opportunities for artistic creation and innovation is also expected, in collaboration with partner organizations, either by authors’ circulation or by internationalization of national artists.

It is therefore an astonishingly free Festival, that dares go through its own lightweight and sparkling path, indifferent to cultures, mass and economic pressures, with a recklessness that hides the certainty of deep love and respect for Photography.

Artistic Director

Ângela Ferreira

Institutional Partners

Braga UM DGArtes GovernoPortugal