Encontros no Mundo

Encontros no Mundo

The Festival Encontros da Imagem always promoted an interchange with European partners, either artists or institutions. On that basis, the organisation has been acquiring an international recognised merit. Artists, museum directors, galleries, and various institutions have been actively participating in every edition and benefiting from a platform which has generated an enriched interchange of projects.

In this edition it is highlighted with a singular emphasis, the extended partnership with the Festival of Light, the main Festival network of the world, the “Circulations, Festival de la Jeune Photographie Européenne”, whose platform has been adding value to the Photography of emerging authors, and also the International Summer School in Latvia. Therefore, the Festival Encontros presents a night dedicated to different projects of international contemporary photography on the basis of the partnerships that has been building, all over its existence, with institutions, festival organisations and authors from all over the world. According to the availability to use public spaces over the city, it is intended to give dynamism to the open space with different types of projections.

At last, and aiming to stimulate an overseas movement, we point out the reinforcement of the partnership with Brazil, by the Festival “Encontros de Agosto” and the Photography Festival of Porto Alegre, which represents a great opportunity to consolidate co-production strategies and the exhibitions roving.

An innovation in the partnerships of this Festival is the presentation of a Portuguese photography Projection in India, in the Delhi Photo Festival, regarding the 1st Edition of the GoaPhoto Festival, supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

The purpose of this Portuguese Photography presentation is to build a communication channel and a knowledge exchange between Portugal and India through photography, sharing experiences and contributing to internationalization. Open dialogues with professionals and general audience, will reveal aspects from the creative process of Portuguese authors, and at last, a series of debates will strengthen the research about that language. Considering this ambition, we believe to be contributing not only for the cultural enrichment of the country, but also participating on a consolidated basis for the promotion of national and international artists.

Slide-show | 1st of November British Council, Delhi

Slide-show| 4th of November Fundação Oriente, Goa

Partner: Fundação Calouste - Gulbenkian

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