"Maybe, The Future? " - Phil Toledano [TALK]

"Maybe, The Future? " - Phil Toledano [TALK]

The Festival Encontros da Imagem, invites Phil Toledano, one of the greatest artists of our days, to talk about his most recent work. In this dialogue he will bring to light his fears as an artist in the craving search for happiness, and also discuss is thoughts on the future and the place of artists nowadays. Subjects as power, success, youth, beauty and consumption will also be discussed.

Through out his 46 years of age, Phil Toledano lived what he considered to be a happy life, full of love, with a successful career and a loving wife and daughter. But when is mother died inexplicably in 2006, soon after his father’s death, the author saw himself with existential angst and he realized that he had to face his fears towards the future instead of being consumed by them.

This resulted in the photography series “Maybe” that documents the various possible lives and faces of the author in various different futures.

Free Entry. To enrol: simone.almeida@encontrosdaimagem.com

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