Eduardo Brito e Rui Hermenegildo

"5 p.m., Hotel de La Gloria"

5 p.m., Hotel de La Gloria

On the 52nd minute of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “The Passenger” (1975), the protagonist David Locke, under David Robertson’s skin, opens a small notebook diary. In the page, a hand written schedule predicts a meeting at Osuna’s Hotel de la Gloria, next September 11th, at 5 p.m. After this close shot, the narrative drives towards the small Andalusian town, located 89 km east of Seville, concluding in the film's legendary penultimate shot.

Antonioni decide to shot the ultimate Osuna sequence in Vera (a town located in Almeria, 363 km east of Osuna). Due to this dislocation, the Andalusian town turns into an imaginary place: in the fictional layer, Osuna is represented in Vera; and in the materialization of that fiction, Vera is conceived and meant to be Osuna. Though the sequence is shot in Vera, the author maintains the Andalusian reference: the scene happens in Osuna. What if Antonioni had filmed this sequence there? And what sort of images the same camera movements would have generated in other place?

5 p.m., Hotel de la Gloria is a work by Eduardo Brito and Rui Hermenegildo, set in Osuna,created after the antonionian shot. Through the photographic image, this shot is represented in its imaginary location and illusory movement in Osuna. Thus its location, as a photographic work comprising a fiction over a fiction, in the exact place where cinema places it. 5 p.m., Hotel de la Gloria is, therefore, a drift through an impossible materialization (or imagination) of a place, of a scheduled meeting, set in cinema's great illusion.

Eduardo Brito e Rui Hermenegildo

Eduardo Brito (Guimarães, 1977) holds a Master's degree in Artistic Studies - Museology and Curatorial studies - from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto. At the faculty, Eduardo is a research fellow at the I2ADS's Research Group. Eduardo was project coordinator of Reimagining Guimarães, a photography, archive and curatorial programme developed for the Guimarães 2012 European City of Culture. Brito is the author of the photographic books Terras Últimas (2010) and Uma Variação Veneziana (2013), the text As Orcadianas (The Orcadians, 2014), and the short films Antropia (2009), Line (2013) and Over The Hills (with pianist Joana Gama) and As Simultâneas (with artist Rita Faustino, after Sonia Delaunay's home). He wrote the screenplays for Paulo Abreu's film The Scoundrel (2012) and Manuel Mozos’ The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal (2015). Rui Hermenegildo (Mozambique, 1976) holds a degree in law from Coimbra University's Law Faculty and the photograghy course from ARCO, in Lisbon. Rui exhibited his series Hysteresis in Trem Azul gallery (2010) and integrated the group exhibition of photographers from the CPLP in the former Gallery Pente 10. Contributor to Obscena Magazine, Performing Arts Magazine, where he wrote about cultural policy and published his series “O Alquimista”. Rui Hermenegildo photographs since 2001.

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