"Capa e Espada : 25 Capas de Discos"

Capa e Espada : 25 Capas de Discos

Invited by Encontros da Imagem, Rui Portulez, director of the Univesity Radio of Minho, presents a selection of 25 vinyl covers that somehow defined the theme for each edition of the 25 Editions of the Festival Encontros da Imagem. “The image for a vinyl cover works as the tip of an iceberg, it works up our curiosity and leads us to discover: the stories, the circumstance that involves it, the motivations and process that resulted in that specific cover. In times where music dematerialises and covers disappear, it’s worth listening and seeing again what we are slowly losing. The title “Capa e Espada” gives motto to the metaphor that heroes always win in the end. These are powerful covers don’t fool yourself. Or do, but confront yourself with reality. Text by Rui Portulez

Partner: Louie Louie.

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Convento de São Francisco de Real


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