Delphine Schacher/ EQ2

"Celestial Mechanics"

Celestial Mechanics

This is the story of Jacques and Marion Granges, a couple of farmers and growers in Switzerland. The place where they live is 890m high and they farm their land with biodynamic agriculture that relies on two pillars. The first is the use of vegetable, mineral substances and animal that stimulate growth; the second is the use of forces, cosmic cycles and special attention to the lunar cycles and the influence of stars and rhythm of nature. Detached from the plain and civilization but not without being disconnected, they observe distant agitation of the world and maintain their land as their greatest asset.

In Celestial mechanics, I suggest a look at this mysterious planet where nature finds the power over man. The two magicians have not only been able to link science and conscience but also revive the lost slowness of our society, whether this slowness makes up the rhythm of life, in the wind, in the shadow of night, a new temporality beyond the passing of time over all that lives, naturally.

Delphine Schacher/ EQ2

After seven years working as a production assistant on news programme for Swiss Television, Delphine Schacher, aged 29, did her training in photography in 2010 at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey. She finished her postdiploma course of Higher Training in Photography at the same school in July 2014. By focusing on portraits, still lives or the details of everyday life, Delphine Schacher creates playful, moving, colourful images of ordinary reality. Delphine Schacher aged 34 today, now lives in Begnins and finished her photographic studies in Vevey, Switzerland in July 2014. Her work has been exhibited in festival Circulation(s) in Paris and won the contest SFR jeunes talents in Arles 2014. Her series « Plumage Eclipse » has been shortlisted as a finalist of Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2015 in Lodz Poland.

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The Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, former Motherhouse of the English Benedictine Congregation, was acquired by the Portuguese State in 1986 and assigned to the Portuguese...

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