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Nowadays concepts like reality, virtuality and spirituality, encounter themselves overlap. The most recent technological developments In the mobile communication gears change in an easy and exponential way time flexibility, emptying the space concept nullifying the experience of the real. This new behaviours shape society with particular emphasis on social interaction, promoting a world-culture where Homo Ecranis (Gilles Lipovetsky) rules, where the screen takes on a physical extension of relationship with the real. This new virtual reality, always present and at the same time always distant, makes social interactions swift on an intimate profundity. On the other side, the actual concept of a confessional is a pertinent necessity and its urgent object. The disbelief that globalization could provide everything to everybody, conducted to an emptiness that tends to closure by a coming back of faith and the sacred in the search of new references of "spiritual value" that define the new borders of non-material social politic orientations. The persistent European crisis reveals a wide social alienation based in illegal and immoral realities architected by politic and corporative power minorities with the complicity of a society of majority individualist and hyper consumerist.

Bruno Carvalho

Designer with no preferred studio, object or material. His work focuses on material culture in specific geographical, cultural and temporal contexts. He finished his degree in Ceramics Design at ESAD.CR superior school in 2007. He worked along with the designers Miguel Vieira Baptista and Fernando Brízio, and he undertook an internship through Leonardo Da Vinci’s program in 2008, in the designer Maarten Baas studio where he collaborated as a freelancer until 2012. He produced and coordinated the residency projects Experimenta o Campo, a partnership between ESAD.CR and CENTA, and the international platform Made Out Portugal, directed to Portuguese designers living abroad. He has been exhibiting internationally in the Design Parade 03 in Hyéres, França, DMY, in Berlin, DDW in Eindhoven. His work has been exhibited in galleries such as Fumi- London, I Live Tomorrow- Hong-Kong, and Show Me - Braga. He curated the exhibition Never for Money, Always for Love, in the MUDAM Museum in Luxemburg. He participated in the Design colloquium, Poverty, Fiction Reloaded, part of the Luxembourg Design City, along with the philosopher Anselm Jappe and the critic and teacher Catherine Geel. He was offered a fellowship in the Orient Foundation in Jingdezhen, China, where he developed the project CHINaWARE about the Chinese material culture and contemporary China. Took part of the exhibition Como se Pronuncia Design em Português, no MUDE, Lisboa and was invited to integrate an edition of the magazine Revista Camões, which was dedicated to Design, in the column Vozes Críticas. Recently, he was invited to be part of the Portuguese Design exhibition in São Paulo, regarding to the Portuguese Design Year.

Monastery of Tibães

Rua do Mosteiro - Mire de Tibães

The Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, former Motherhouse of the English Benedictine Congregation, was acquired by the Portuguese State in 1986 and assigned to the Portuguese...

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