Guilherme Gerais



Intergalático, is to some extent a visually based literary essay. The journey is defined by a multitudinous structure: we can find collages, evidence, stories, effects, annulment, even sharpness and illustrations, rereading and small traces. These images are alternated in an order that requires immediate participation of the reader: from the beginning there is the invitation for a game, an outcome, a challenge between what is seen and what remains. The strategy, in this case, articulated spontaneously by the photographer, always points to the random, the disorder, the immediacy of an alleged previous life - something that is divided between land, space, and the virtual universe, a journey that was supposed to go towards the past, but also towards the future, a desire that is not totally revealed, but that is always there.

Guilherme Gerais

Guilherme Gerais is a photographer and a director of photography, born in 1987, in Londrina, Brazil. His activities are divided between cinema filming and photographic production. Amongst his works, we highlight the photo book entitled Intergalático, self-published by Avalanche, and launched in november 2014 at the Paris Photo in France; also the feature-film Leste Oeste; the short-films Mister H, Jardim Tókio, O Castelo and Sylvia; and the documentaries O Nadador and Andrea Tonacci.

Place of Exhibition

Casa das Bombas (Galeria Janes)

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