Christiane Peschek



The way we relate to our reality: only images and imagination.

I am searching for absence and imagination. In the proposed work “invisibles” I combine images that deal with physical, narrative or human absence. “Moments I’ve failed to cap¬ture” is the main motivation in this body of work. I tried to create different ways of using photography as a commemoration system in reconstructing moments of my own life. I add abstract forms to landscapes and everyday life scenes, trying to recreate stories by highlighting different spots in the image. I’m interested in the interaction of these elements and how they start to relate to each other. I use big white canvases, pro¬jection displays that ask for visibility and absence.

In another experiment I deled with the transformation of the visual image in a somehow “imaginary” display. Through autobiographic texts I explore image production on mo¬ments, where I had no camera with me.

With this body of work I focuse on the question of reality and imagination of the photo¬graphic image.

Christiane Peschek

Born in Salzburg in 1984, she lives and works in Vienna, Austria. 
After graduating at the Academy of fine Arts Vienna she won several prizes with her works such as the “START Stipendium for Artistic Photography” by the Austrian Government and the Portfolio Review of Photoireland in 2014. Her work was shortlisted in Festivals and Awards such as Lugano Photo Days, Chimera Art Award and Becas Roberto Villagraz Award. Her work has been internationally shown in several group and solo exhibitions such as Fotohof Salzburg, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, CASM Barcelona, Triennale of Photography and different Galleries around Europe.

Place of Exhibition

Casa das Bombas (Galeria Janes)

More information soon.

Institutional Partners

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