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"The Thin Line"

The Thin Line

The border between Portugal and Spain has been around since 1143, being one of the oldest in Europe. With the Schengen Agreement (1995), the borders between the signatory countries disappeared, establishing the free movement of persons within Europe! Meanwhile, with the fading of political boundaries, the limits that borders mean (or not) continue to remain at a crossroad where territory and the communities are molded reciprocally around a specific space - physical, symbolic and human - marked by ambiguity and contradictions that constitute the essence of the ends!

The border becomes thus a space emptied of its political significance, but not for this reason void, a no-man’s-land that everyone can (re)inhabit, an affective and a transitional place, a demarcation point of differences and encounters, configuring it-self like a common and contradictory territory shaped by its edges.! The visual travel that document the frontier, questions the past and the present of a space that is liquid and at the same time immovable, visual fragments that renew the way of questioning the relationship between space and humanity in the time of the global citizenship.

Colectivo .

A group of photographers dedicated to Documentary Photography, founded in September 2014 in Porto, Portugal, Colectivo was born with the intention of creating a single structure that would allow the dialogue of different approaches, diverse perceptions of the world and photography itself, seeking to understand and translate social relations, society and its evolution, and its implications with environment and politics. Colectivo believes that the same story can be told in many different ways. Respecting the facts, it is a dutty to escape mainstream, stereotype, to look at the reality form a different point of view. Colectivo documents different stories about people, societies and cultures, seeking to create elements of culture and knowledge! The Colectivo works both on assignment and project, personal or group! Colectivo Photographers are Lara Jacinto, Antonio Pedrosa, Miguel Proença and Tommaso Rada!

Place of Exhibition

Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

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